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Premature Menopause
10 Replies
coffeelatte - October 2

If you go through premature menopause at age 34, when you reach a normal menopause in your 50's can you get the same symptoms you had earlier? I still have both ovaries.


phoebe - October 6

what symptoms are you having right now? symptoms varies from person to person but mostly they are all the same.


missy - October 9

some woman experienced the same symptoms from pre menopause up until they reach menopause. others may seem to experience changes of symptoms at different stage of menopause.


ladyinred - October 16

i experienced very bad symptoms during premature meno. too bad that my family, friends and my husband was truly affected. luckily, it all went the other way around during my meno years.. :)


kimmy - December 17

i'm not quite sure about this one. i know one thing for sure is that if a woman has completely stop having periods before the age of 40, then it is called premature menopause.


danica - December 17

symptoms of premature menopause includes:
-hot flushes
-trouble sleeping
-irregular periods
-vaginal dryness
-unusual changes in mood


aida - December 17

what are some treatments for premature menopause symptoms? is HRT best for me?


diane - December 17

HRT can always be trusted, it has always been the best choice for woman who is going through early or premature menopause symptoms.


carrie - December 17

it will always depend!this is a hard decision to make so i suggest it would be better discussed it with your doctor.


precy - December 17

premature or early menopause is physically and emotionally distressing. if you suspect you're going through it soon, then consult your doctor for treatments.


sammysue - August 8

Apologies if I sound a bit stupid! This is my first time on a forum and would like to know what you ladies think.
I am 38 years old and have had irregular periods for about 5 years now. I haven't had a period in over 2 months. I have done a pregnancy test and it is negative. Could I be going through an early menopause?.... The reason I ask is some of my symptoms are the same as being pregnant, but obviously have ruled that out! I have no fibroids and nothing wrong with my ovaries that I know of....any suggestions?



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