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remedy for menopausal tension
12 Replies
mimi - September 11

carrot seeds have been found valuable in menopausal tension. take a teaspoon of the seeds and boil it in a glass of cow's milk for about ten minutes. take this daily as medicine in the treatment of this condition.


ginger - September 15

i have never though of this one... thanks for the info mimi, i would definitely try this!


imee - September 17

tension? i seem to have it all the time. constant tension has been the worst of the menopause symptoms for me so far.


sheena - September 17

same here, mine even worse... tension + heart palpitations!


mimi - September 18

have a guava on an empty stomach. have this every morning. it's the best way to cure palpitations naturally. it also provides you soothing effect.


trixie - September 24

have grape juice every day. this would relieve a person suffering from heart palpitations.


aubrey - September 25

for menopause headaches/tension try the all natural way... acupuncture! this procedure relieves tension headache and stress. it's also a best way to relaxs.


sandra - September 30

i have occasional heart palpitations. i have had blood work and but it seems okay. is this normal for menopause woman or should i worry?


irene - October 2

palpitations usually happens during peri and or meno. but of course irregular heartbeat needs a visit to cardiologists. stress may also be a cause for this.


lyka - October 6

usually during menopause heart palpitation are considered a result of fluctuating hormones. but this will usually go away within a few months long after your hormones have settled down a little.


zenT - October 9

i have been experiencing heart palpitation too. is there any medication for this? what does doctors advice to do for this condition?


mimi - October 16

antiarrhythmics is the basic treatment for heart palpitations.these drugs should always be used with caution.


Jean - December 15

Tension has been one of my biggest symptoms of menopause. When bad, it goes up the back of my body and over the top of my head causing a bad tension headache. It feels like burning lines at times.
The biggest thing I have found is to eat 2 cups of brown rice daily. The manganese (not magnesium) relaxes things and is the only think I can think of why brown rice works and other foods don't. But it is night and day when I eat brown rice. Unfortunate after several years things are kicking up again so I am looking for other items to add in.
I read where magnesium, potassium & calcium, zinc, manganese, selenium & iodine all provide calming effect in the body - so one of these might be what helps you.



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