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short term memory loss
9 Replies
divine - December 4

hi i'm 30 years old and had hysterectomy. i'm in my menopause stage according to my doctor. lately i noticed that i've got some short term memory loss. i wonder if this has something to do with the operation.


izzy - December 4

memory loss is part of menopause, don't worry it will improve after meno. i can't remember most things probably a lot of things. it makes me depressed
at times. so don't you worry cause you are not alone... :)


trixie - December 9

were you informed about what to expect after surgery? as far as medical recovery, memory loss is one of it's side effects.


marsha - December 9

I get seasonal memory loss after hysterectomy. it's been years and i still get it every now and then. i think it's normal. anyone who undergo any surgery
would suffer from shot-term memory loss.


sheena - December 9

I have the same symptoms, thought I was the only one. i too have a difficult time retaining information. I feel depressed at times to the point that i get so emotional because I can't remember some things.


old_lady - December 9

I had a complete hysterectomy and just like you ladies, i also feel depression at times. i don't want to see a doctor and tired of taking medications. is there any way we can treat this naturally?


lala - December 11

i don't think there's treatment for short term memory loss, or is there any? i also do think that it is not preventive because it's part of aging.


suzette - December 11

short term memory loss can sometimes be dangerous. it can be an indication of Alzheimer's disease. it should be checked out immediately.


stacy - December 11

treatment depends on the severity of the condition. memory loss can be permanent or temporary. so i suggest to have it checked before it gets worse.


juliet - December 11

short term memory loss can be treated with ginkgo biloba extract. just in case you don't know, this herb is well known to improve memory function. it also helps with other menopause symptoms.



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