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spotting problem
24 Replies
Stacy - August 25

I have not had my period for over a year now. I've been spotting for 5 straight days. I suspected this as menopause. This bothers me a lot. I need some advice.


chandra - August 25

This is what actually happens during menopausal stage. I have a friend who is going through this, her period stopped for two long years and in between those years, she experienced spotting. I think this is normal.


lyka - August 27

A woman will experience a lot of changes during menopause. This includes menopause spotting. This is normal unless you spot heavily for it can be a sign of something a bit more serious.


karen - August 27

Even when periods stop completely, you may at first experience spotting and this is normal. As long as there is no painful vaginal symptoms. otherwise, you should see a doctor.


janine - August 27

Menopause spotting is normal. After all your body is changing from going to have a period every single month to having none. One main concern you may have is when you spot heavily, then it is definitely the time you consult a doctor.


lyka - August 31

Hi Stacy! Just dropping by to check on you. How's your spotting issue? Did you visit the clinic? Have you talked to your doctor yet? I hope you're doing fine now...


may-anne - August 31

Spotting and vaginal discharge are common to women who are about to enter menopausal stage. Although in some rare cases, this could be an indicator for health problems. Declining levels of estrogen are the main cause of menopause spotting.


stacy - September 3

hi lyka sorry for the delayed reply. i am doing fine now, i think. i still have very lightly spotting, but just a tiny bit. thanks for asking.


maxie - September 8

hi everyone.i'm having the same problem with stacy.mine is a bit different cos it doesn't come around like straight for how many days.but it does come once in a while.


phoebe - September 9

there are many reasons for spotting before, during and after ovulation. one thing i know with any kind of spotting is, they always have to do in some way with fluctuation in hormone levels.


vida - September 9

Spotting is caused by either too much of one hormone or too little of another hormone. you shouldn't be alarmed unless you've got pain in your lower abdomen and some spotting.


maxie - September 9

What is the medical treatment for spotting? i need answers from those who tried using medical treatments.


lyka - September 9

birth control pills are often prescribed, but may not be advisable if you're over age 40. talk to your gynecologists before taking any medical treatment.


aubrey - September 10

try ingesting red raspberry leaf for several weeks and see how it works. you can find them at a health food store.


wea - September 15

maxie you need to clarify the cause of your spotting. is it related to ovulation? are you in menopause?


maxie - September 16

i am in menopause. i sometimes experience spotting, other times heavy bleeding. i need to know what's causing this.


juliet - September 17

heavy spotting or period is one of the most common causes of ill health in women. menopause is an obvious underlying reason for this.



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