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suffering from stomach ache
12 Replies
princess - September 11

i am suffering from stomach ache each and every time during my menstrual period. i need some advice from people who experience this kind of problem and how they get over it...any treatment or home remedy will be a big help!


amanda - September 11

the stomach ache you're suffering is called stomach/menstrual cramps. this is normal among women and this may link to your hormonal cycle. however, if this cramps are severe enough to interfere your daily activities, then you should be check by a doctor.


missy - September 15

a mixture of calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium is used for eliminating menstrual cramps. using a heating pad over your stomach may also help.


lyka - September 17

menstrual period is usually accompanied by discomfort called menstrual cramps. been suffering with this too. mine is very painful every time that it makes me cry like a baby. who cares its common? it hurts!


jackie - September 17

i hate period pain! try thermacare heat pads, they promise instant relief.


chandra - September 18

i believe that relaxing in a warm bath helps. you can also get some over the counter deep heating creams or oils and apply it into the abdomen.


juliet - September 24

try honey. it has natural pain relieving powers. just mix 3 large spoonfuls of honey in boiled water and drink.


imee - September 25

for mild stomach aches or cramps just drink lukewarm water and herbal teas to get relief. i suggest chamomile tea, very effective!


wea - September 30

does anyone here experienced leg cramps due to menstrual cycle? i need to know if this is normal...


katie - October 2

yes this is normal and older women are more prone to this kind of pain. but this doesn't cause any serious damage and not an alarming issue. however, this can be very disturbing especially in your sleep. it happens to me all the time too.


wea - October 6

how are you treating leg cramps katie?is there any medicines available for leg cramps?


maxie - October 9

i get muscle cramps sometimes too i had it once and it was the worst pain ever. it only goes away if i massage my leg for 30 min.


phoebe - October 16

nobody's immune to leg cramps.the most common sort of cramps are what we call nocturnal cramps.this is usually the one that you get at night.



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