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treatment for hot flashes
18 Replies
julie - August 25

I am starting to have hot flashes. Is there any treatment or home remedy for this?


vida - August 25

Speak to your gyno, you may have to start with HRT. If you prefer home remedies, go for herbal treatments.


sheena - August 27

Black cohosh is the most popular home remedies for hot flashes. This is more effective than soy isoflavones. Give it a shot!


sandra - August 27

Take supplemental bioflavonoids combined with vitamin C, and natural vitamin E in the form of d-alpha tocopherol daily. As for herbal remedies, Cool herbal teas can be sipped throughout the day.


wea - August 27

Skip coffee and drink plenty of water. Eat nutritious diet low in saturated fat and increase your intake of soy containing foods. For severe cases, your doctor may prescribed estrogen tablets.


missy - September 3

use lighter weight or cotton clothing.regular exercise provides hot flash relief for many women.Diet can also be a factor.


julie - September 7

thanks for the replies. are there any other suggestions other than HRT? i prefer herbal.


marsha - September 8

hot flushes can be triggered by a variety of stimulants such as: stress, hot weather, hot drinks, intense exercise, spicy/acidic foods, and hot tubs. plants rich in phytosterols, such as black cohosh would be a great remedy for hot flushes.


xyza - September 15

Dong Quai root is another one of the remedy for hot flushes. it may also improve other symptoms. give it a shot!


carol - September 16

i have tried a lot of herbal medicines for hot flashes but nothing really worked for me. THERE IS NO PROVEN EVIDENCE FOR THIS. believe me, tried it may times.


katie - September 17

try adding soybeans, tofu, miso and other soy products to your diet. thse are doctors advice so this ought to be effective.


olivia - September 18

i started to take black cohosh as it was suppose to help with the hot flushes. but while taking it my flushes and night sweats were increased together with an upset stomach.has anyone else had this experience?


sheila - September 21

black cohosh side effects are not much different than other herbs and herbal supplements. i guess this is normal.


gellO - September 22

home remedies for hot flashes tips:
1/4 cup aloe vera juice
1/4 cup rosewater
5 drops rose or lavender essential oil

Preparation Method:
Combine ingredients in a glass spray bottle and shake well. Mist skin as often as desired.


xyza - September 23

anyone here heard of bedfan? i have been using it and it's amazing how it helps me with my hot sweats.


sheena - October 2

yup, it's an amazing product! i found it on the site and read so much from their testimonials. i wish i could get one but unfortunately i'm on tight budget now. but still, i hoping to get it very soon!


xyza - October 2

well you can try herbal and home remedies for the mean time. but as soon as you got the money, do purchase it. i promise you won't regret, i can guarantee you that 100 %.



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