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two common health problems
13 Replies
diane - September 9

osteoporosis and heart disease are the two common health problems that can start to happen at menopause.has anyone out there had experienced this?


vida - September 10

heart disease, yes! osteoporosis, i can't tell since there's no clear symptoms for osteoporosis.


may-anne - September 15

a women experience a rapid bone loss due to the decrease in estrogen production. history of osteoporosis are at greatest risk. because there is no symptoms for osteoporosis, no one will be aware until a fracture occurs with a simple fall.


felicity - September 16

i don't know if this is osteoporosis or arthritis. my legs are swelling and joint pains occur every time at bed.


xyza - September 17

could be! having same problem here, and feels like hell everytime it aches. grrrrrr! if you happen to find solutions to this, pls pls pls let me know. thanks!


lyka - September 18

osteoporosis is usually in the spine, hip or wrist. while arthritis refers to an inflammation of the joints.


diane - September 18

to reduce your chances of getting osteoporosis, it is best to start preventative measures early in life. take calciums, lots of it.


wea - September 21

painful joints inflammation are called osteoarthritis. limited joint motion, tenderness and occasional swelling are the most common symptoms for this.


diane - September 22

osteoarthritis usually only causes symptoms in one or more joints. symptoms may include a total loss of function in the affected joints.


stacy - September 23

i have been suffering from osteoarthritis every now and then specially on cold seasons. is there any anti-inflammatory that you can suggest?


marsha - September 25

omega-3 is a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory. omega-3 is natural and effective.


ladyinred - September 25

to some, severe osteoarthritis is completely pain-free. while to others, even minor joint changes are quite painful. that is why treatment varies because what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.


izzy - September 29

one can reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis by treating it early and following a well-designed treatment plan. tretments may include:
weight control, proper exercise, heat and cold therapy, injections into the joint and surgery.


aubrey - October 16

can osteoarthritis be treated naturally. does anyone here have any idea?



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