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what causes bleeding after intercourse???
12 Replies
suzette - September 15

what causes bleeding after intercourse? i am 48 years old and this is the first time i experienced this. is this related to menopause?


chelsea - September 16

infections are more likely suspect to this. a visit to your doctor maybe a big help.


lyka - September 17

must be luck of libido or arousal. is it painful? how would you describe it?


andrea - September 18

vaginal bleeding after intercourse can happen to a variety of different reasons. i haven't really experienced this so i can't give any advice. i think its better if you consult your doctor.


suzette - September 21

it's not really painful but it does have some tingling feeling inside. the thought of it bleeding is my big concern. any feedback would be appreciated.


felecity - September 22

it happened to me some years ago. my doctor said that bleeding after intercourse is not normal. and that you should be concerned about occasionally bleeding after intercourse.


missy - September 22

vaginal bleeding after sex can be a sign of a serious underlying problem, including:

inflammation of the cervix or cervicitis
sexually transmitted diseases
cervical polyps
cervical ectropion
pelvic inflammatory disease
uterine fibroids
cancer of the cervix, uterus or vagina


suzette - September 23

hi felecity, you just mentioned you experienced the same thing with mine. so, how was it? what are the findings and how did you handle it?


felecity - September 25

yup, my doctor prescribed a medicine which i don't remember anymore. give me some time to recall and i'll get back to you.


stephanie - September 25

a rough intercourse can sometimes lead to bleeding. how often does bleeding happens?


felecity - September 29

mine happens almost every after contact. i was prescribed with anti biotics and anti inflammatory then.


katie - October 16

it happens to me sometimes too. it's a bit painful and kind of stinging inside. i wonder what went wrong, i'm using lubricants each time we do it..


elle - December 17

bleeding during or after intercourse whether related to meno or not should not be taken for granted especially if it associated with pain. best to have it checked.



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