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which is harder to deal peri or post?
13 Replies
izzy - September 7

which is harder to deal with, perimenopause or postmenopause? i'm just curious. i'm in my primenopausal stage and i feel like i'm in hell. can anybody answer my question?


marsha - September 7

i think everything is harder and everything is different from everyone. but for me, peri is my worst experience.


stella - September 8

izzy, it varies from person to person. some have severe symptoms, while others don't experience it at all. i don't think i could be much help to you since i haven't had any symptoms during this stage. but whatever it is that you're going through, it will passed eventually.


irene - September 15

i think you need treatments. find some alternative ways to treat this symptoms and you can see the difference.


lyka - September 16

symptoms for perimenopause can be severe and disruptive to some. while others find it more difficult in postmenopause. nothing is constant izzy because everything varies from person to person.


jackie - September 17

can't really tell. i'm in my peri now and having really rough times.


andrea - September 18

perimenopause simply means around the time of menopause. postmenopause means at the end of menopause. am i right? so i guess perimenopause is harder to deal with.


tinkywinky - September 21

i am in my post menopausal and all i can say that this is the worst thing to deal with. my worst experience is losing weight and this is somewhat depressing to me.


jackie - September 22

i'm in my peri and i'm experiencing the same. losing weight seems so hard to achieve on this phase of our lives. how i wish there is an effective way for this which has no side effects.


stephanie - September 23

during menopause and all the hormonal changes, you're metabolism slows down. losing weight is way too impossible in this situation. the least you can do is eat in moderation.


amanda - October 2

i agree with you steph! around the menopause nature does intend for us to put on a little weight..


karen - October 2

i think it's not just menopause but also aging and lifestyle factors play a big role in gaining weight. this means we need to focus on a lot of things that may causing us to gain weight. what do you think?


trixie - October 9

that's right! anyway, does low dosed birth control pills causes weight gain?


ladyinred - October 16

yes it may cause weight gain for some women but it may not be the reason in all women. only 5–10% of women report weight gain while taking the pill.



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