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why is this happening to me?
19 Replies
ladyinred - September 16

hi! i don't know if i should post this here but i really need some answer since i can't find some answer from my gyne. i know it's very embarrasing to ask this question but anyway, here it goes.. i am 43 years old and in perimenopause. i am experiencing sexual arousal most of the time for over 6 months now. is this normal? has anyone experienced this?


sandra - September 17

can't be much of help here. i have to be honest, this has never happened to me. i am exactly experiencing the other way around. but how i wish.... hahaha... i'm sure you will find an answer soon and hopefully some advice too.


ralph - September 18

pretty nice topic here huh? you know, this is the first time i've heard something like this. this is actually a big thing for me! lol, just kidding... lucky you ladyinred...


imee - September 18

i think you should be more concern when it happens the opposite. wish i have your problem! hahaha...


andrea - September 21

this happened to me last year, i don't know if this has something to do with menopause. i think you should go and see your GP if it bothers you.


irene - September 23

i've been searching on the internet but unfortunately i have never found something like this during menopause. sorry i can't give you advice but how i wish it was happening to me! (sigh)


missy - September 25

it could be hormone imbalance but not necessarily related to peri or meno. i haven't felt that way for such a long time and it's my first time to hear this kind of condition. anyway, make the most of it ,it might not last long.


juliet - September 25

i don't see any problem, in fact you should celebrate! you've got to believe me, this is uncommon condition and you're one in a million!


lyka - September 28

i remember one time that my friend's complaining that she feels like that sometimes. her gyne said that it is quite common to get a higher libido during the menopause just as much as a lower one. so no worries!


zenT - September 29

no further comment... my first time to encounter such problem... how i wish i have the same problem though...


justine - September 30

wow, this is truly one of a kind! can you try to remember how everything started? i hope you don't mind... thanks!


trixie - October 2

hi lady, i just thought i'd let you know that i've been feeling the same for the past few months. i was thinking of going to the clinic to see if this is normal but i'm too shy to let my doctor know about my situation since my doctor is a male. i think this is normal and i don't think we should be worry because it does no harm to us nor to anybody. so let's just say, you, me and some other menos are just lucky to have this symptoms if this is what they call.. CHEERS TO US!


ladyinred - October 6

wow that's good news trixie!at least now i know that i'm not the only one here.i guess you're right,it's not a problem and it isn't a disease that some people think it is.your post is such a relief!thanks!


diane - October 9

how i love to be in your shoes ladies! haven't felt that way for such a long time...


andrea - October 16

could it be a psychological effect? how about the libido thing? is it normal?


jenna - October 22

during peri menopause a woman's libido may seem to go underground for awhile. but this diminished sex drive does not need to be the permanent experience after menopause, because it can and will re-emerge, and it can even re-emerge in an experience of heightened sexual desire and activity after menopause.


ladyinred - October 22

hmmm...libido is normal!i get a lot of it actually...



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