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11 Replies
imee - September 11

is yoga a good exercise for menopause? aside from this, what other exercise can you suggest?


sheila - September 11

yoga is a good exercise during menopause. this will help to get rid of all problems such as irregular periods, excessive pain, irregular flow, change in moods, irritation etc.


aubrey - September 11

i agree sheila. yoga is a good exercise for menopause. but it has to be practiced on regular basis as well as in the correct form. i don't think this will work for me since i'm a very busy housewife. any other suggestions?


janine - September 15

Yoga is different from exercise because it doesn't involve speedy movements, but instead very slow and steady movements. This helps achieve relaxation which reduces stress & strain.


olivia - September 15

you can start with 20-minute sessions of aerobic exercise. the more time spent exercising, the more calories you'll burn. but if weight is not a problem, you can do this aerobic exercise for 30 mins daily before you do your household chores.


andrea - September 17

outdoor exercise such as walking, jogging, and swimming can be of big help too. i walk my dog everyday, this is the best exercise i've ever made.


lyka - September 17

i do cycling everyday, helps with my meno symptoms. best part is, it makes my legs firm. love it!


chelsea - September 18

yah cycling is a good exercise. i do swimming, helps with my meno and asthma.


wea - September 24

i do cardiovascular exercise. it has several benefits for the menopausal woman. it helps you lose weight, and strengthens your heart at the same time.


carol - September 25

i think slow exercise is better for menopause women. as we get older, our muscles and bones deteriorate. so if you do fast exercise you will tend to have serious injuries or broken bones.


xyza - September 29

the type of exercise that you take obviously depends on how much time you have to devote to exercise. important thing is, you may able to insert it in your daily routine.


samantha - October 16

what about aerobics or weightlifting? is it possible for a 47 years old menopause to do such activity?



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