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32 weeks, swollen lymph node in groin for 5 months
8 Replies
shelly - October 31

I am 32 weeks preg w/ a very painful groin lymph node for 5 months. Neutrophils elevated, but cannot get any docs to do anything until after baby. Obviously, worried it is a cancer! Has anyone experienced swollen lymphs during pregnancy?


Flowerrette - October 31

Hi!, Shelly, don't think negative if God is with us who can be against us!Have faith in God there's nothing impossible with God.
I've heard the same as your case but thanks God she give birth to a healthy baby and the mother lives in a normal life. As if nothing happens.


Brown - October 31

Before I was pregnant I have lymph nodes, those made me disturbed every morning, because they were painful in the morning but at the other time of the day I could not feel anything as if those were not exist, what I did was just plain self therapy, with my saliva I put my saliva to the painful area, after 3months it disappeared.


Warm - November 2

Have faith in God, don't worry because He is in our midst listening to our flees, it may not a cancer but if you always think that it is a cancer it may become.


Coffee - November 2

may your thoughts may not be put in reality, don't think any negative just assures yourself that you can pass this simple test of your faith, think positive.


Beard - November 2

Have faith in God, you have in you the new life that may live to do the mission of God, take care of yourself then pray incessantly to Him.


Trustful - November 2

Lift up to God your situation, and trust that He may help you about this matter...Don't worry because God loves you more than you love yourself.


menchie - November 6

is that so? Have you not get any assurance from your doctor about it? But, well, i also would like to agree with trustful that we need to lift up all to God because he is the one who could make impossible things possible. Just believe that everything will work out fine.


Lorraine - November 7

Hi, i think it's normal for a pregnant women to have such lymph node. Myself also have it when I had my first pregnancy but when i deliver my first baby it's gone already. Now that I'm again pregnant with my second baby, i notice I have it again. That's why I'm no longer troubled thinking that after the delivery, this will again disappear.



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