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"Snapshots" of Your Unborn Baby a Good Idea?
20 Replies
Brigette - August 24

Using technology that allows parents to see high-resolution three-and four-dimensional (moving) images of their babies in the womb, these facilities may employ poorly trained or even untrained- technicians who aren't given a health provider's order to authorize the procedure and aren't supervised by a physician. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine warn parents-to-be that these nonmedical ultrasound are unapproved,inappropriate, and possibly even risky.


April Flor - August 26

I think it is a good idea. Expert and a well-trained persons must do the job. Do away to those poorly trained technicians.Make a careful research about those persons.Don't take a risk!


Marta - August 28

Ultrasound at present times is mostly use by the parents who wanted to know the sex of their baby. It is now the trend of the modern times to take a snapshots of their unborn babies.Some may say that they wanted to know their unborn babies in order to prepare clothes for them that's why they take a snapshots or an ultrasound.
They consult an ob-gyne for referral to the expertise of the work.


Joytowette - October 27

I think it is a good idea to have a snapshots, so that the parents may know earlier the sex of the baby, and in order to buy clothes that the baby will going to wear after the delivery and the needs fitted for the baby. Yes, for me it is a good idea.


Bookish 123 - October 27

In my own opinion it is practical to know the sex of the baby so that the mother can prepare for the needed clothing needed by the baby through "snapshots".


Winter - October 27

the newly married couple are eager to know the gender of their child, while it is still inside of the stomach of the mother, they are excited to know its sex organs.So it is advisable for them to have an ultra sound, not only to know the sex organ but the position of the fetus inside.


Gentleness - October 27

I am in favor to know the sex of the baby inside the womb so that I would be aware of its position if ever we caN BE REady about a finacial if it is needed to have a cesarean methods of delivery.


Leah - October 27

Well, I want to give it a try. I'm very much excited to have a "snapshots" of my unborn baby. But of course I don't want to take a risk so I want to have the experts to have it for me to be sure it's safe.


Kaye - October 27

It's quite fun and exciting really to be able to see your baby in the womb. In my case when I've done it I almost cried in tears and my husband also become too emotional.


Riza - October 27

I also had a glimpse of my baby in the womb and seeing her in the monitor was really so emotional. I can't control myself. i have done it because it's the doctors request to see the position of my baby in the womb for her to decide whether I could have a normal delivery.


Lalah - October 27

The best month to give a snapshots of your baby is in the 7-8 months because the baby is in full developments and the experts could already identify the sex of a child. When I had my ultra sound with my first baby I had it during my 7months and we could clearly see that his a boy because his sex organ is very much visible to the screen.


Jondie - October 27

It's a wonderful feelings to be able to see the condition of your child in a certain screen. I'm willing and able to experience it myself also but I will just wait for the right moment. Now is not yet the time because I'm still in my first trimester of pregnancy..i think I'll have it during my 3rd trimester.


Choocie - October 27

What is a snapshots? Is it an ultrasound? If it is it then I am favor to the idea, whenever I get pregnant, the time that it can be recognized already then I submit to have an ultra sound, I am willing to know the position and its gender.


Neptune - October 27

I love to become pregnant but I have not yet given to be the one. For my opinion I agree with the idea to have a snapshots so to make the baby secured in my womb hopefully I can have it, by knowing the baby inside then we, the mothers must be prepared to next move.


Porky - October 27

Light,Camera, Action this are the terms of the photographer in order to make a picture of memorable events, it is like of the baby inside the womb it is also memorable while the baby is still in the womb, but the intention is not the same because the ultra sound is to know the position of the baby, if it has no defects and to be aware of its gender.


Kindness - October 27

It is a very good idea, you, mother to be don't be afraid to have a snapshots,it is a big help for you!
Be practical! We are now in the modern world, and with equip of hi-technology, so don't have negative thoughts!


Dont4getopray - October 27

We are very lucky living in the high technology, because we can be able to know in advance the gender of the baby inside the womb, past generation would just make guesses the gender of the baby.But now we can easily know.



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