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All of a sudden, abnormal bleeding but preg. test negative.
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Brigid - November 21

Hi there,
I'm 29 and I've always had periods that are regular as clocwork and last 5-6 days and are quite heavy for 2-3 days. The only time they weren't regular was when I was on artificial birthcontrol for a short time aged 19-20. Since then I've used condoms as a means of birth control. Anyway, I'm now married and we have been using the very old fashioned 'pull-out' method (!) though we are aiming to have children in the future some time soon, I'm just trying to finish a project right now before that happens. My last period ended on the 1st of November. However, I started to get terrible cramping similar to bad period cramps around the 11th of November as well as generally feeling nauseated and having indigestion. On the 14th a very small amount of pink and brown blood came out of me after intercourse. Because of this and the cramps I went to my doctor who suggested it was a bladder infection though the test for this was negative. The cramps went away the next day but soon afterwards on the 17th another small amount of brown discharge came out of me which seemed like period blood. As well as this I had vominintg and diarrhae that weekend, possibly an unrelated thing! I wet back to the doctor and she got me to take a pregnancy test which was negative. She said she didn't know what was happening but it might be due to stress or being run-down, as I've been trying to finish this project and working harder than usual. Anyway, on Mon. 19th I got period cramps again and a larger amount of brown and pink blood came out of me like a real period that evening (maybe used half a tampon). I thought it WAS my period but it ended again yesterday though I still have the cramps, but I no longer feel nauseous. Is my cycle just totally messed up or could I be pregnant? I'd really appreciate any help and hope this isn't too long-winded.


Fortisfertility - May 20

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