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Allergy During Pregnancy
30 Replies
Thea Castaneda - August 22

During pregnancy allergy may comes out. An allergy of which we did not feel before. So pregnant women must be aware the foods that may give an allergy at the time of pregnancy. All the foods that be eaten by pregnant women must be listed so if the case of allergy comes out it is easy to cure of.


Titah - August 28

Allergy during pregnancy may comes out and of course this must be known of what foods make us allergy.
Pregnant women must be alert the kinds of food she is going to eat.


Flora - August 29

Some foods can cause an allergy to us Take -down all foods you have eaten. Then study each foods which can cause an allergy.


Sister Luz - August 30

I am pregnant at this time. It is already 2 months and I have a queer attitude that I don't like to take a bath. And now I have so many rushes. Maybe it is a skin allergy.


r-juliet - September 2

i have read the comment of sister Luz.i believe also like what you are thinking Sister Luz that it is a skin allergy.Taking a bath is good for a pregnant woman because we feel hot when we are pregnant.Why not taking bath so that your skin allergy be cut off. just try my Friend!


lyka - September 7

Hi! I'm also pregnant. That's why I try to make myself aware of the foods and the things that causes me allergy. We are the one responsible to our own body. But I guess proper hygiene should always be a practice. Pregnant or not pregnant, needs to take a bath at least once a day. Yes, the problem with you Sis Luz is that you got that skin rushes because of not taking a bath for 2 months!!. Sorry, but I don't know what comes to your mind why you don't like to take bath.Taking a bath is one of the most important way of proper hygiene. So,to eliminate that skin rushes, practice that habit again, will you?


Flor - September 7

When you have certain allergies avoid all of them. Like myself I have so many problems about sea foods cause lots of them really gives me an allergies. So, every time I crave for such foods to eat.I think of my situation and face the fact that I should be thinking also about my baby. Hey! we don't want our baby to suffer, right? So, let's start practicing the attitude of self control also, okey?


santi - September 10

pregnancy may sometimes gives us hassles coz allergy may crop-up ,in my situation every pregnancy period I may experience skin allergy in my neck. It is off and on event during pregnancy.


Lucy - September 10

For me, I have my allergy in any medicines, of which I have so many rushes and do some sneezing every time I take it. But during my pregnancy even if I don't take any medicine the allergy may present without cause.So I conclude to my self that pregnancy can trigger the sickness we have in our body.


cathy - September 10

Do allergy can affect the fetus? I am restless about this idea,hope it won't affect. Allergy may preventive if we diligently manage our self not to eat foods that can flare -up our allergy.


hazel - September 18

Just avoid the things that might causes you allergies.To avoid any trouble and complications during pregnancy.


jade - September 18

Yes, allergies can affect the fetus if it will not be treated immediately and if you will get complications from it..If you notice that it become more worsen that before, just consult your doctor for proper treatment.


emerald - October 2

to have an allergy can make hassle during pregnancy, why is it that a pregnant woman is prone to have this? I can not imagine how did I stand when I had an allergy during my pregnancy , it was so much itchy that I always brought a native fan where ever I go moreover I had a sneeze during my pregnancy, I keep myself in eating those foods that may cause to flare up allergy!


magdalene - October 2

pregnant woman is prone to allergy, the allergies of which did not appear before would come out during pregnancy as if these were sleeping before and were awaken because of some energetic hormones that disturb them, they come out to the open.
woman who are pregnant should be extra aware of the foods that may ignite the allergies of the body.


Central - October 2

I had an allergy when I was still a child but as I grow up it gone,now I am pregnant and my allergy before returns to be seen.But I am very more careful than before, so it would not spread to other areas of my body.


wowoie - October 2

So we can conclude that a pregnant woman can experience allergies during pregnancy period but it can be controlled through holding oneself in eating foods that can ignite those pestering allergies.


Fionah - October 2

Allergy during pregnancy sometimes cannot be avoided. if you're into the situation, in the places you are usually prone to be getting an allergies, just make sure you have something to cure for it.



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