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Allergy During Pregnancy
30 Replies
Fionah - October 2

Allergy during pregnancy sometimes cannot be avoided. if you're into the situation, in the places you are usually prone to be getting an allergies, just make sure you have something to cure for it.


Testle - October 2

Well, to have cure about such allergies, you need also to be careful. Remember, you're pregnant. Any medication could be harmful to your baby.


Lily - October 2

Yap, I agree with testle. As pregnant mothers, we need to be careful in taking medications or any ointment to such allergies. It might give a side effects to our baby that would worsen more the problem.


presy - October 2

That's right! We need to be very careful in everything. Remember, we should not be thinking only on ourself but more on to our baby.


lyn - October 4

My allergy during pregnancy is asthma. When my allergy attack the effect is asthma I would suffer it so much but this would just attack during pregnancy. Since I was a child I have not experienced an asthma before and it first came out when I conceived my first baby its duration was in my 1st trimester and no more as if nothing happened, now I am in my 2nd month of pregnancy I have suffered again this asthma since last month. What I should do to let go this asthma?


my guardian angel - October 4

Lyn, I don't know if you already consulted the physician, but If it just persist during the trimester of your pregnancy well, better to bear it, anyway it is your child who is ...shall we say..the AUTHOR.!


lolove - October 4

allergy is more to be attended, the more it persist, if we just aware of what food ignites our allergy we can minimize its function.


SWIFT - October 4

Hmmm!, I think we must determine the causes of the allergy because not all allergies comes from foods but sometimes the source is our surrounding, there are many factors that may cause allergies, that our place has surrounded by trees or plants;ornamental plants, the pollen grains may cause asthma.


Generous - October 4

Religiously control in taking or eating foods that may cause allergies. With that attitude you can also practicing self control, the gift of the holy spirit, and you can have a peaceful life.


jobie - October 11

Allergy during pregnancy may not attack any time of the day but it may appear once a week or once a month or may not appear at all and of course the recipient of this may happy of course but take note it may attack unmindful in the fetus so it is much better that the pregnant may consult the doctor the right things to do.


Lionela - October 16

I, as pregnant mother is very aware about the things that gives me an allergy. I just avoided those things to make me able to prevent any form of allergies that could also give harmful effects to my baby.


Cathy - October 16

Yes, that's right! Just to be safe just stay away from the things that could possibly gives you an allergies. Myself, I'm allergic to dust..anything that has a dust, I'm really allergic.It easily gives me a skin irritation cough and colds. That's why, even how hard it is, I make sure all the things in my house are always dust free.


liza - November 6

Allergies, seem to be everywhere not only to pregnancies. I always had this sneezing, running and stuffy nose even before I'm not yet pregnant. But now, it seems that these allergies of mine become even worst. How could I prevent this problem? Could you please help?


mitch - November 6

Well, allergy is the body's reaction to what we call allergens, such as animal dander,mold, pollens and fungal spored. To prevent allergy is to prevent all the things that might causes this. Stay away from those that gives you an allergies.


sam - November 6

Yap! it's right. To be able to prevent some allergies is to be extra careful enough not to be near those things that gives you an allergies. I'ts just quite easy because you are aware already of those things, right?



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