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Am I pregnant or it this something more serious??
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rebeccaa__ - March 9

I don't want to think too much of things but I've been experiencing what could be pregnancy symptoms. I'm 18 and i've been on the pill (Microgynon30) for the past 12 months and haven't been very good remembering to take it probably due to stress and so having unprotected sex with my boyfriend.
I've experienced things like headaches, frequent leg ache and more recently a fluttering sensation in my upper abdomen, which i'm scared could actually be my heart because i've heard that it's generally the lower abdomen in which a baby would move?
I've taken two pregnancy tests spaced about three months apart, both of which came out negative. I've gained a bit of weight but that could just be nothing.
I'm tempted to visit my GP but fear i'd be wasting time?
The packet says to stop taking the pill if there is a suspected pregnancy on the cards. I haven't stopped taking it, could I then be causing damage if i am?
I'm so confused!
If anyone could give me some advice or just some words of comfort i would much appreciate it!


rebeccaa__ - March 9

i forgot to mention, my periods were fine until the last one i had which came a day or two later than my average. this occured last month, but i've experience some spotting since then. my next one is due in just over a week...


rebeccaa__ - March 9

oh and i'm very nauseous. a lot of the time!
my immune system is usually good also, but i have a terrible cold as im typing.

I think the list could be endless? but i havent experienced any difference in my toilet habits ie, no frequent urination which ive heard is a common one.


pratima - March 10

hi i think you should see your gp.. and at times pregnancy test doesnr detect if u are pregnant n thus give you a false reading. it's ur health so you need to be on the safe side just go to see your gp.. best of luck


anderson111 - March 14

When you get pregnant,
you will come to know this after 2 months..
so , no need to worry about this


PeterMatin - March 25

To take a good design to contact to the doctor for the examination is the only solution i give you at this stage.



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