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are herbal medicines good for pregnant woman?
36 Replies
theley - September 9

there are many herbal medicines that prop-up nowadays, and its advertisements is so convincing for the newly mother-to-be, to take it easily. But some doctors won't prescribe it because they said it is not safety to be used by pregnant woman .
please give your comments about this.


Rhon - September 9

hi! as far as i know, herbal can give a soothing relief of the pain that some of the pregnant woman may experience.for example, the coconut oil be used for external medication.


Faith - September 9

There are many herbal medicines that are safe to use but it is for an external medication only. if you intake it it may cause damage to the fetus but there are some advises from the elders that to intake the herbal medicine is safer to intake than the medicine which is not herbal.


aless - September 9

may i take the opportunity to share with you my very own experience,at that time i was pregnant for my second baby i was attacked by coughed and colds that at that time i wore a diaper every time i went out from our house because every time i coughed my urine flowed out also.upon advise from elders... so what i did, i drank plenty of water dipped with an herbal leaves and my cough and colds stop and my delivery was painless


fita123 - September 9

hello, aless, is there's something a relationship in your taking plenty of water dipped by herbal leaves in your pregnancy that you had a painless delivery?


aless - September 9

i am glad you ask ,yes there's a relationship, because every time i took plenty of water dipped by an herbal leaves, i could feel great relief from the intense heat due to coughing for so many times that i could be able to sleep well.
thank you!


Egerths - September 9

for me herbal medicine helps me a lot because every time i got pregnant i always rub an oil out of coconut extract,and every time i felt gas pain i put some herbal leaves on my tummy, moreover if i had colds i just put some herbal leaves on my forehead during sleeping time.


superwoman - September 10

herbal medicines are popular at this time because of the high cost of living, and to think that this herbal can be found in our kitchen, in our home garden. but the question is, are this safe to use for the pregnant woman? for me it is safe to use because i've been used it already as a matter of fact it doesn't show a side effects.


hervie - September 10

my question is, can this herbal medicine you are talking is very much safe to take with? can you give a guarantee for this? what if something may happen?
i am not in favor to use herbal medicines especially in my case at this moment that i am pregnant.


confuse lll - September 10

I am also disagree to let the pregnant woman take a herbal medicines. the reason that it is not yet approved by some medical experts. and it is scary to take with.


superwoman - September 10

there are some medicines that have been approved by Food and Drugs experts,but it can give also different effects to the users, am i right? What i share with you is the experience i have with this herbal medicines i have been is my own personal experience, that this herbal medicines i've been using since then, give me a curative effects , as a matter of fact i am now still using it.
Thank you for your reaction!


tallie - September 13

Yes,herbal medicines helped me a lot. During my pregnancy, I always rub my tummy with a hot ginger with oil so to cure gas pains.I intake plenty of water of which there are leaves of herba buena in order to threat constipation, all of these have done during my pregnancy period. Praise God, my delivery is so easy to handle.


perlyn - September 18

I had a cough and a mild fever during my first trimester. Since i cannot take medicinal tablet or other supplement, I tried herbal plants for 3 days and it's very effective. My cough and fever were all gone and I had a wonderful feeling afterwards.


bless - September 21

Yeah, I'm also open to the idea of taking herbal medicines. For me, it is much more safe that those over the counter supplements. Many have tried it and so far,they have experienced the good effects from it.


shogou - September 25

herbal medicines comes from plants, it gives a soothing relief for those who suffer of morning sickness. mostly pregnant woman could suffer v omitting early in the morning,and nowadays the cost of medicines are so high, that can distract our budget. so a practical mother would lean on to herbal medicines.


Kimshou - September 25

I have been use herbal medicines every time I'm pregnant, and I'm proud to say that it helps me lot during my delivery, of which I'm in a normal delivery.
I always use the snake oil on the expected date then in a minute I would feel to have a painless labor, then I have a normal delivery.


Zis - September 26

Yeah, herbal medicines is very much effective for the pregnant women.It's safe and it's good really cause I've tried it myself also pregnant and not pregnant, i'm a herbal medicine certified user.



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