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are herbal medicines good for pregnant woman?
36 Replies
Zis - September 26

Yeah, herbal medicines is very much effective for the pregnant women.It's safe and it's good really cause I've tried it myself also pregnant and not pregnant, i'm a herbal medicine certified user.


Mae - September 28

Well yes, herbal medicines have no side effects. So, for me, it's really good for pregnant women.


gina - September 28

I do have tried it and it's really effective and it comes from nature, so definitely its very much safe! it's good for pregnant women and to everybody!


jasmine - September 29

Herbal medicines are the trend nowadays, it maybe because of the high cost of popular branded medicines and there are people,like myself, who are cured by those herbal medicines, and maybe also these are affordable to the pocket and there are much supply in the drugs store.


licea - September 29

If a herbal medicines be swallowed, I advise not to take without the advice of the doctor, it may have a side effect, but if is for external use, like for rubbing only you may use it but with extra care and observe incessantly,most especially to pregnant woman, don't take risk!Take care and God bless!


Nelia - October 27

Yes, I always take herbal medicines if ever i feel something bad about my body. I don't trust any food supplement or any tablet..i'm afraid with it's side effects especially now that i'm pregnant.


Feaye - October 27

Yes, i trust also herbal medicines because it's much safer for the pregnant women than any other form of medication.


Kim - October 27

Yes, i also approved herbal medicines for pregnant women to take. It doesn't have any side effect much more, it's a lot cheaper than any medication recommended by the doctors.


Beloved - October 27

Herbal medicines are good because it can be seen in our kitchen and in our garden. It can easily be used and there is no side effects as far as I am concern, I used it during my pregnancy, I can stand for it that it is safe to use it.It is safe for the pregnant women.


Katorse - October 27

pregnant woman can have pain that might be feel by them,and herbal medicines are there always available inside our house. Let us use it without hesitation.


Halloween - October 27

Why are there human beings who explore to the expensive medicines, and there are also some whose house has full of herbal medicines,but they don't like to use it,try it!


Desire - October 27

It is advisable to use the herbal medicines which you can find those in our surroundings, if you are practical enough then try to use the herbal medicine, and it is cheaper than the branded medicines.


Tarah - October 27

Are herbal medicines you are using have been approved by the Food and Drugs Office? Just a reminder.


Ann - October 27

Of course, we must be careful because if ever there are side effects we can instantly ask the authorize persons behind the medicine.


Maemae - October 27

There are medicine of which are easily be prepared and its cost are affordable. By using this kind of medicines are good only,just to make it safer it is for external use only be careful not to take it orally.


Paula - October 27

Something that everybody must know, don't take medicine unless it has been prescribed by a doctor, because it might cause hazardous effect.



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