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Avoiding Repeat Miscarriages
30 Replies
Christy Yu - August 24

You can maximize your chances for a successful pregnancy. For starters, ask your physician if you would benefit from taking a daily vitamin B supplement known as folic acid. Next, consider incorporating a healthier lifestyle into your daily routine.


Jameslou - August 28

Successful pregnancy can be achieve through consulting a gynecologist. And follow diligently the advises of the doctor.
The medical doctor is the right person of whom to be respected. He is one of the instrument to have a successful pregnanacy


Dovie - August 28

Repeat miscarriages for an expectant mother is a dreadful feeling.A wife who dream to be a mother can feel a cloud nine she steps on during her pregnancy but if miscarriage happened there so much disappointment within her.
How joyful is it in the part of an expectant mother when she can have a successful pregnancy!
To avoid miscarriages,one must consult an expert physician about this matter. Seek advises from them so to avoid repeated miscarriages.


Onieka - August 29

To avoid miscarriages an expectant mother should be careful in doing some activities that might cause the unsuccessful pregnancy. To be careful in eating non nutritious foods. And be emotionally healthy.
Successful pregnancy depends the bearer, and mostly depends to our compassionate and heavenly Father.


vanessa - September 4

successful pregnancy is all depends in our almighty Father,through prayer and careful in daily works and with the helps of the physician,miscarriages can be minimize.


cherry - September 5

I had a friend who experienced twice miscarriages. The pressure of being a teacher assigned in the mountain schools whom she's very loaded with lots of school work,and the difficult situation of commuting everyday was the main reason of her repeat miscarriages. But when she's already assigned in the city where in she's more relaxed, she already been able to have a very successful pregnancy.


Georgia - September 5

On my part, I guess to have a healthy pregnancy and to avoid miscarriages, is that we need to be very careful in everything we do. I avoid doing some of the things i used to do when I was not yet pregnant, like sleeping very late or loading my self with so much work. Being pregnant is not a joke. We are the one responsible of the baby inside our womb. I care for my baby that's why i take good care of myself too.


Fiona - September 18

well, it's just a matter on how a pregnant mother handle her self and being aware of the baby inside her. The safety and health of the baby is greatly depends on the mother actually..


beth - September 18

God forbid, but I have not experience miscarriages.On my part, to avoid it..i will always be very careful. I know my baby depends merely on me, so I should always be vigilant in everything i do..for the sake of my baby and me.


daphne - September 21

To be able to have a repeated miscarriages is a very tragic experience every pregnant mother need not to experience. As much as possible, let's all be aware of everything we do. As pregnant mother, I avoid myself doing heavy works which I know could be one of the possible reasons of miscarriages. I give myself a break, I relax and I don't over stressed..that's all!


glezzel - September 21

Yeah I guess, daphne is right. Over stressing ourselves could lead us to repeat miscarriages. So, pregnant mothers,let's all take care of ourselves okey.


dolly - September 25

to avoid miscarriage is to think positive and be happy always but most of all have faith in God and pray Him always, don't take any chances not to go on with your pregnancy because God can see what is in our heart. trust Him and you will be in the right track.


niz - September 25

hi is any1 on now on this site i need help


niz - September 25

hi dolly are you on


faye - October 31

To avoid repeat miscarriages, a pregnant woman must be always careful and responsible enough to handle herself in any different situations.She need to know all the dos and don't of pregnancy and be able to know also her limitations.


Gigi - October 31

To have experience a repeat miscarriage is a very frustrating experience for a pregnant mother. It's not easy that's why as early as possible, she should have prenatal that her situation will be monitored and she will also be guided on what the proper things to do.


Alexa - October 31

Pregnancy should not be taken for granted. Everything we do, as pregnant woman, we need to take into consideration the baby inside us. Every thing is different already.If we are very much workaholic before now, we should try to minimize it because super stressed and very much over worked are factors that resulted to miscarriages.



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