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Avoiding Repeat Miscarriages
30 Replies
Alexa - October 31

Pregnancy should not be taken for granted. Everything we do, as pregnant woman, we need to take into consideration the baby inside us. Every thing is different already.If we are very much workaholic before now, we should try to minimize it because super stressed and very much over worked are factors that resulted to miscarriages.


Carpenter - November 1

A pregnant woman should be careful in her activities, so to avoid miscarriages,it is like holding a fragile object holding it carefully in order not to break it, so as the pregnant woman, she is holding inside her tummy the fetus that needs extra care.


Pores - November 1

Not doing the actions that surpasses the capacity of our body, we, pregnant woman may do some movements that is beyond our capabilities just to prove we can still do it. So to avoid miscarriages we must not take the risk actions that might resulted bad effects.


Faucet - November 1

Sometimes miscarriages, depends the situation of the baby/fetus and the capabilities of the woman to conceive.But it can be prevented if the doctors to be asked the advices for this matter is concerned enough to his patients.


Armstrong - November 1

The happiness of having a baby is immeasurable, so the mother is taken an extra care for this matter not for taken for granted,so the husband must give a support financially and emotionally to his wife because one factor that may cause miscarriages is the lack of support of the husband.


Phil - November 1

Do some extra care for your body, pay attention to your needs, if there are things that need a doctor, don't take it for granted it might get worst if it is not instantly attended.


Palatable - November 1

Take positive reaction if ever there are problems that might crop up, having a positive out look in life can make a fulfillment result,so miscarriages can be avoided.


Fighter - November 1

To fight is to gain success, in every act it must be planed and in every planed it is coupled by determination so to reached the the desired success to have a healthy baby out of abnormalities.


lilia - November 5

I suffered a miscarriage last March 24. It was supposed to be our second baby, a much anticipated baby boy, but after a pregnancy of 4 months,God took him away. I felt guilty for not having been extra careful with him. But I also accept other God's plans for us. That's why now that I've found out that I'm again pregnant, I would not let another repeat miscarriage to happen. I will try my best to be very careful and take good care of myself and my baby in the womb.


pink - November 6

I avoid having miscarriage by just taking care of myself and always following my doctors advice. i always value this situation I have now and i do whatever it takes to make this pregnancy of mine a successful one.


jesslei9 - January 22

I have PCOS and I have had three miscarriages and I am currently pregnant, about 3-4weeks along. How can I reduce the chance of miscarriages with my condition? Is it possible?


Mum3 - April 16

I have sat and read the rubbish on this forum. Most of you have never miscarried and have a misconcetion that picking up a shopping bag, or suffering a little sleep lose or even a bit of stress will cause a miscarriage. a miscarriage is not usually the fault of the pregnant woman or what she does in her everyday lives. Most pregnant mothers do all they can to ensure a healthy pregnancy but sometimes for no particular reason the preganacy is lost. I am pleased that you have a healthy preganacy but not everyone is so fortunate, do not for one minute attribute this to a preganat women not looking after themelves as well as most of you claim to do. I have had 3 healthy sons and recently suffered 2 miscarriage, I am preganat again and scared stiff of losing again. I am healthy, I work out, I do not smoke, I do not drink it is just bad luck and it a terrible pain to go but was definately not attributed by my inability to look after myself or my health orby me putting myself before my preganacy.


sharlene - August 11

hi im sharlene,aged 21 and happily married. i dont smoke,dont drink,dont over do it and am a very kind,happy and down to earth person as is my husband! But still we were unfortunate enough to have a miscarriage 2 wks ago! I believe that as a pregnant woman you should look after yourself and your unborn child, but some of you will find out like me that life isnt always fair! Some people can smoke,drink etc.. all there lives and still live to a good age of 80 and on the other hand you can eat healthy foods,excersize regularly and die young.I believe that Life is faited and what happens,happens for a reason.I wish that me and my husband never had to experience such a horrible and upsetting time like this.But in some ways its helped me as a person to know what its like,to be able to understand other woman who have had misscarriages,its brought me and my hubby even closer and one day in the future if we are lucky enough to have children, its made us better parents!


sharlene - August 11

To Mum3,
I totally agree with you! Congratulations on your news and wishing you all the best! from me and hubby!xXx


simonaderson - September 13

I don't know but I went through the same thing. I have had 3 miscarriages and 1 tubal pregnancy and I stopped trying after all that because it was to much of an emotional roller coaster. About a year later I got pregnant and had a healthy baby girl and a few months later got pregnant again and had another healthy baby girl. Before my miscarriages I had my son and the miscarriages started about 3 years after I had him.




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