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Baby's Health Depends On WhaT The Mother Eats
31 Replies
Ashley - October 7

Hi! I'm Ashley, first time mother to be. I always dream of delivering a normal and healthy baby. I guess, every pregnant women dream of it too. That's why I always make sure that what I give to my baby is the best nutrition and care. What we eat greatly affects our baby, right?


Rutchell - October 7

Well,yes! for me, I eat almost anything, but I always make sure it's in moderation, of course. However, there are certain foods and drinks that I also take with caution or should I say I avoid it totally and that is eating raw foods and drinking coffee.


Melannie - October 7

Hi, to you Ashley.As future mother-to be like you, for me it's not enough that we just carries our babies for 9 months and delivers it. We always have the responsibilities of our unborn child. One of which is giving our baby the right food. And I agree, our baby's health greatly depends on what we eat.


Fhabe - October 7

God gave me this fetus for me to take care of from the moment of conception until delivery. I believe that through proper diet, I can be assured that I could have a healthy baby.


Haide - October 7

Yap! The mothers womb is the best environment to nurture a baby. So yes, through a mothers diet, she is sure to have a healthy and normal baby during the delivery.


Lea Mae - October 7

I eat well especially now that I'm pregnant. My doctor told me that I need to have extra 200 calories daily especially during the last trimester when my baby is growing quickly. That's why I eat whats best and good for the two of us.


Ivory - October 7

Yes,I agree also because I've read an article that tells that there's really a study that show that there is a strong link between a baby's health and the kind of food that it's mother ate during her pregnancy.


Bubbles - October 7

I used to drink alcohol before but since no level of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy, I stopped it. I'm afraid my baby could have abnormalities such as mental retardation and low birth weight.


Hilary - October 7

I guess, coffee and tea or even soda with caffeine if i drink it, wont hurt my baby. Since there is no studies have proven something that these kind of drinks could lead to baby's abnormalities. So, nothing to worry and there's no problem if I continue drinking it anyway.


Anne - October 7

Well, that is based only on your opinion. But as concerned mother, it's wise for you to avoid consuming more because too much could may not lead to baby's abnormalities yes, but it can sure lead to miscarriage.


Sophia - October 7

Hi!Hilary. Well, my advice for you is to switch on decaf if your craving for coffee is too much because it's more safer. What Anne said is true and if you care for your baby avoid having caffeine in your diet,please.


Mary Cris - October 7

I need to have fish or tuna in my diet. It's really my favorite actually. But it is true that this is also dangerous for a pregnant woman to eat?


Julia - October 7

As for me, there's nothing wrong in eating fish during pregnancy. I myself eat fish cause for me it's safe. But on the other hand,I've heard also that their are really fish which has high level of mercury.


Hazel - October 7

Yap, it is good to eat fish but as what Julia been mention that some fish has high level of mercury, so it's better for you Cris to just limit the type of fish you will going to eat..just to be safe okey.


Jash - October 7

Well, there's nothing wrong with being careful. That's why I only eat fish with low level of mercury. I also avoid eating raw or uncooked fish, for I'm afraid that they may be contaminated with such harmful bacteria.


Helen - October 7

I'm glad to have some tips from all of you guys. Just let me add something okey. In my case, since fruits and vegetables are really good for pregnant women like all of us, I make sure when I eat fruits and vegetables, I have washed it thoroughly because some of it may be contaminated also with harmful bacteria.


Chesh - October 7

Eating in fast foods can't be avoided. Especially for mothers like me who is always on the go and don't have time to prepare something to eat. I just make sure that hamburger and steaks must be well cooked before I eat it. I know meats should be reheated before they are eaten.



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