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Baby's Health Depends On WhaT The Mother Eats
31 Replies
Chesh - October 7

Eating in fast foods can't be avoided. Especially for mothers like me who is always on the go and don't have time to prepare something to eat. I just make sure that hamburger and steaks must be well cooked before I eat it. I know meats should be reheated before they are eaten.


Susiet - October 7

A pregnant mother should also stay away from poorly packed or stored food. For me, any food which has been on the counter for more than two hours is no longer safe to eat.


Honey - October 7

As for me, I also cooked the eggs thoroughly. I avoided certain salad dressings and desserts which contain raw eggs. I don't know but i have a feeling that if eggs was not cooked properly, it could give also harmful effects to my baby.


Mildred - October 7

I definitely don't like eating eggs, much more now that I'm pregnant. I don't like the smell of it and I know it will not give any good to my baby if i will forced myself in eating it.


alice - October 10

Our baby depends greatly on us.So, it's just proper to give our baby the essential nutrients she or he will be needing to survive inside our womb.


Georgia - October 10

In choosing the food we eat.We pregnant mothers should not only be thinking of our own selves. On what we like to eat. But we should also be aware if the foods were eating have the vitamins and minerals good also to our baby.OUr baby's health should always be our top priority and not ourselves.


journey - October 16

Yap!what are the foods that mother eat can help the child strong and healthy.So the mother eats not only for her own but for the child's benefits


savemotherearth - October 16

Mother-to-be must not eat in accordance to her voracious appetite but she may think also the health of her baby not to eat foods which are junk, yes don't eat those junk foods it may cause bad to our health the more the baby inside the womb.


Lorren - October 17

Yap, as pregnant mother, I need to be cautious enough to know the effect of the foods I eat. I'm very much picky with my cravings because I'm afraid some would give harmful effects to my baby.


Lizzel - October 17

OUr baby don't have the power to choose what's food that good for them especially if they still inside our tummy, right. So, it's up to us to choose and give them the best food they need. It's our duty to become responsible..if anything bad would happen to our baby, we pregnant mothers are the first one to get affected also.


Rema - October 24

Our baby greatly depends on us. So, if we feed our baby inside our womb a wrong food it surely weak the baby's condition.


Alley - October 24

Baby's health depends on what the mother eats. I believe in it very much because if the mother is malnourished or she was not able to eat the proper food during her pregnancy, the baby will also be affected and would come out malnourished during the delivery.


Georgie - October 24

Yes, mostly of our children who are malnourished or had this what we call birth defects is due to the failure of the mother to give her baby inside her womb proper care by eating the right and nutritious food during her pregnancy.


Debie - October 24

Well, I as a mother always watchful and careful enough on what I eat. I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and I avoided those fatty and non nutritious foods especially junk foods..coz i love my baby and I only want to give what I know is best.


Hope - October 24

Yes! I salute all the responsible mothers in the world who only want to give what's best for their baby. i too was like you, of course we are already mothers, so isn't it just right to be responsible, don't you think?


ellen - October 31

Surely, a mother is really responsible of the health of her baby inside her womb. If a mother wrongfully choose the foods that lacks nutritional health benefits for her baby then, her baby will be the first one to get affected.



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