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Changes A Pregnant Mother Shouldn't Ignore
31 Replies
Tonneth - August 25

What are the changes of the body a pregnant mother shouldn't ignore during her pregnancy?


Hazel - August 26

Your body is going through lots of changes during pregnancy. Most of these changes are normal. But there are also signs and symptoms that you should watch out for, and consult your doctor if necessary.


Myrra - August 27

Hello!The changes you shouldn't ignore are blurred vision, with or without severe headache,severe abdominal pain or cramps, vaginal bleeding, frequent painful urination, severe nausea and vomiting, high temperature or fever{at or above 38.3c} and reduced kicks or lack of movement by your baby. If you feel any of these please immediately consult your doctor.


Ainah - August 28

If you are smart enough you have to seek advice to experienced mothers or you can consult you doctor.
But in my own experience, I can say to you that a body of a pregnant woman would become bigger and bigger as the baby inside the womb grows, so we shouldn't ignore this because we have to buy new dresses or a maternity dress.
Our feet also if the delivery is near,at the last trimester,we felt heavy because the size becomes bigger.
Don't worry!Keep calm!Your emotions can affect the baby.


key lou - September 5

I know a woman who is my friend, whose changes shouldn't ignore is her mental attitude every time she got pregnant,she would suffer mentally ill.moreover her body is very big.
changes during pregnancy is not always tolerable.the degree of some may not the same degree to the others.


lifely - September 6

On my part, whenever I have experience changes that for me is no longer normal. I immediately consulted my doctor about it. I won't ignore such changes because it's my life and my baby's life's at stake and probably would be in danger if i kept on ignoring such changes.


May - September 6

Yap! what matters most is the baby inside our womb. Good advices from our doctor is the most important thing we need to listen to. They are the one who knows what's best. So, whenever there's certain changes that for us pregnant mothers experience in which it's already very much alarming,then wasting our time doing nothing is a sign of ignorance on the part of the mother herself. So, do some action before it's too late.


scorpion - September 10

I could not imagine that I may have changes in my attitude at this time when I am bringing my 3rd child.
Before I don't like to put on make -up during my pregnancy most especially at 1st trimester period But
now I don't like to leave our home without make-up.


dely - September 10

during pregnancy,our neighbor crave to eat a raw grains of rice and then drink kerosene after eating those raw grains of rice.Some of us in our community attempt to stop her and explained to her that what she did may harm her fetus.Her attitude should not be ignored.


breeze - September 10

Why is it my feet grow bigger. this changes bothered me a lot for i don't have footwear anymore and with this reason i have to buy a new one, this happen to me lately at this time of my pregnancy. this things was not done to me before.
why it happen to me at this time?


life - September 21

What an experience,you got Breeze. Well, i heard about that..but I guess, i'm so lucky enough not to experience having big feet during pregnancy.This is now my third pregnancy. I'm already in my 5th months and well, my feet still at it's same size so far.But who knows?..pls, God, don't.he!he!


glossy - September 21

I experience blurred vision sometimes. But I think this is because I have an eye defect which i need to change my eye glasses. And it's not quiet alarming, right?


myrra - September 21

hi, glossy. I think it's best if you just consult your doctor about it, just to make sure it's really not that dangerous on your situation being pregnant.Have your doctor's opinion as soon as possible..God bless!


lovely mary - September 25

Great is God!., making the woman's body a process of production of a new life. Changes in the physical outlook of a pregnant woman is natural, it is because as the baby in the womb grows the stomach also expand, but during the pregnancy don't think of any distraction that may cause you to be inferior towards other.


jackie - September 25

A woman must face the reality that when she becomes pregnant some changes may take place in times of pregnancy,her moods would be changed her physical ego might be changed, her outlook in life may change. All of the above might be experienced to the pregnant woman.
Put in your mind to all pregnant woman out there that whatever changes you may experienced be careful enough not to hurt other person most especially to your love ones.


lorraine - October 2

Yap, I also feel some changes during my pregnancy.Although I'm not feeling my best, I know that none of these symptoms will make my baby uncomfortable. My doctor said that they may even have a positive effect.I know she's right and I trusted her so much.


teshia - October 2

Hi! changes, are just normal. It's part of pregnancy that we expectant mothers will experience and it's really not permanent.In my case, I have noticed that during the 4th month of my pregnancy, i already regain a lot of energy. I lose the nausea that i have been suffering before, I have already an increased appetite and I already gain a few kilos.



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