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Changes A Pregnant Mother Shouldn't Ignore
31 Replies
teshia - October 2

Hi! changes, are just normal. It's part of pregnancy that we expectant mothers will experience and it's really not permanent.In my case, I have noticed that during the 4th month of my pregnancy, i already regain a lot of energy. I lose the nausea that i have been suffering before, I have already an increased appetite and I already gain a few kilos.


Yash - October 2

Hi! good day, I'm on my 5 months of pregnancy. I experience almost everyday, backache. Is this one of the changes, i shouldn't ignore, or it's just normal changes?


LOveble - October 2

Well, I guess, it's just normal. We pregnant mothers experience hormonal changes and of course we also gain a lot of weight that's one reason i think for your back to ache.


Karren - October 2

Every time we expectant mothers experience changes that for us are not anymore normal. The best thing we need to do is to consult to our doctors about it.


Aliz - October 24

it's so dangerous for a pregnant mother to just ignore something in which she feels no longer normal. For me, If I feel some changes during my pregnancy that I know it's quite not good already..then, i consulted the proper people about doctor.


Jane - October 24

Yes, during my pregnancy i feel that I always felt so dizzy and I always had this unusual migraine.I immediately go to my doctor and after a few examinations, I know that it's because I had a high blood pressure.


Nina - October 24

Well, good that you have consulted a doctor with regards to your condition..possibly if you just ignored it something bad would happen to you and to your baby.


Dorah - October 24

it's good that we will not ignore the unusual changes we pregnant mothers will be experiencing. We cannot have self medication because it's so dangerous and it could worsen more the problem.So,it's just right and best that we consult the experts first and foremost.


LUdie - October 24

often a pregnant mother could have miscarriage because she just ignore the changes she's experiencing. It lacks awareness about the danger she's putting in to her child and herself. That's why if bad happens the mother could only blame herself.


Lizy - October 27

I'm pregnant with my second baby and the experienced I had before was very much different from now. I always felt dizzy and I had a blurred vision. I'm afraid that I had a high blood pressure but when I consulted a doctor the doctor told me it's normal so I don't have nothing to worry.Thanks God I felt relieved.


Honnie - October 27

What you did is good. It's important that we consulted an expert about the changes we experienced whether it's normal or not. Because pregnancy really had a lot of body changes that if ignored will lead to a lot of complications.In which we don't want to happen,right?


yung mum 09 - November 2

i got a pulsing sensation inside my vagina the other day. it felt like something was going to pop! what is this


Leah - November 5

Hi, I'm so embarrass because I had this changes of pregnancy that I had always had a bottom itches. I always resist the urge to scratch but sometimes I could no longer help the itch. I need an advice regarding this problem of mine..please.


freda - November 5

Well, I think what causes your problem is having poor hygiene. After you move your bowels, I think it's better if you wipe thoroughly your bottom from front to back. Probably it's the strong soap also that you are using which make your skin in the bottom irritates and just always wear a clean underwear.


lea - November 6

I always had this problem of severe headache. I'm bothered because at first, i thought it was because of my eye defects but even I'm not reading or doing something in my computer or even I'm not watching Tv..i still have this very painful headache.


Honey - November 6

Well, I suggest you better check your doctor about it because severe or very painful headache should not be taken for granted especially that you are very much pregnant.



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