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Channel 5 corrective surgery documentary
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transparenttv1 - August 31

Channel 5 are making a brand new documentary series about the UK’s top cosmetic surgeons who correct cosmetic surgery procedures that have gone wrong.

We are looking to hear from people who have had botched cosmetic surgery - it could be boobs, bums, lips, faces or anything! - and now want to get it sorted.

We want to celebrate the work of these skilled surgeons and once fixed, give you the fabulous better body you’ve always wanted.

By following your story we aim to offer hope and advice to those in similar situations – there is help out there!

Please contact Kerry at transparenttelevision. com / 0207 7043333


zoey - January 10

i am a 34 year old mum to 4 beautiful children,one of which is disabled with a collapsed bowel and mega colon that does bot function and therefor has a ACE i.e. a tube that goes through his stomach he needs a lot of care time and attention but such a happy boy and my other 3 missed us both terribly when i spent 3 months with ben having trials and many surgeries, it was there that i knew i had a passion for helping people, several years ago i was a few pounds shy of 30 stone and had many serious health problems, i went to my gp and he said quite frankly (as he is) the reason why ur leggs chaff and smell like rotten fish as u rightly quote it does and ur high blood pressure, problems with sweating and palpatations is simply my dear because you are FAT. I was mortified, embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated wanted the ground to swallow me up (that would have been a large hole) so i went away and had to prove i could lose 5 lbs on my and then he would help by prescribing xenical, well omg that was an experience i shan't forget in a hurry i can tell you that,
Anyway i'd had enough i had done them all all of those expensive and ridiculous fads every single One!!!
Sooo...i decided enough was enough so i joined a gym and a local running club, did a lot of research on the net and with an extreme amount of pain, sweat and tears i have shed so far 13 stone i am still going, i have achieved so so much but i am left with emotional and physical scars that have destroyed me, i have always been an excessively over weight person i in fact weigh less now than when i was a teenager, my confidence and self esteem has disappeared as i am stuck in a bod that isnt what i wanted, i feel like im punished for not taking the gastric band option, i did my absolute best and now have to cover up the disgusting and humiliating
i cannot get the disgusting mess on my body to be removed as i cannot afford it and the gp will not fund it, yet again i feel punished, i am a woman and i suffer with tourettes, i take my meds and i see my therapist but i am dying inside, i dont know who i am anymore, i dont know how to dress, i dont know what size to buy, i haven't looked into a mirror for over 3 years as i am afraid.
Sooo...after joining the local running club i embraced my first 5 k run race at 20 stone, then another 5, 10 a half marathon then went to a xmas do in 2010 with club and my name was pulled out the santa hat and omg i had only just gone and won a space in the London Mararthon, i jumped up and down in pure excitement, i certainly gave a better performance than Gwyneth Paltrow when she won her award, anyway i ran it i crossed the finish line and it took a couple of days to remember what i had just done as i was in shock for the last few days and could not sit on the loo without crying out too lol. I made the local paper when i reached 11 stone, i wait in vain that someday i will be tapped on the shoulder and someone will say to me, you can have the surgery you long for and will be happy once again, stop hiding at the back or round corners,
I know what its all about i have experienced every single emotion, thought and cheats n denial, i am so passionate about sort and racing, i completed Eastboure Duathlon this year too and i was competing with a couple triathletes from GB team so i was a little (yeah right) nervous as they were in spandex and space helmets, and there i was in my cheepo clothes and my handmade cycling shorts (the blisters on my bits before when i rode it and hadn't omg) i am now turning my passion and determination to use, i run a voluntary bootcamp at my village green and give nutrition advice and love every minute of it, I am an adult returning student too and doing level 3 diploma in sports injury management and prevention, sports massage, strapping, taping i have passed everything without a referral and exams 100% I am there to help others everyday of my life, but yes here comes the but....i am disgusting my skins stinks where it gets sore and sticky, it is humiliating, i wonder what all the point was, i have written to so many surgeon and people near on begging them to help me and free me from this miserable existence, i never get a reply, please reply, i need help and advice, i will do whatever it takes in return for surgery, thankyou for your time reading this Zoey Greenwood 01424838684, also i had 4 cesarean sections and i dont think it was stitched properly as i have weak muscles and tightness from over stitching, thankyou,



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