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Common Troubles During Pregnancy
28 Replies
Leah Mae - August 25

What are the common troubles during pregnancy? And what can an expectant mother do about it?


Daphne - August 27

Nice day to you.Actually, one of the common trouble during pregnancy is experiencing backache. Backache is due to hormonal changes and the extra weight you are carrying may cause your back to ache. You should always watch your posture when sitting or lying down. Use bed and chairs that support your spine firmly. Stay out of high-heeled shoes and avoid long periods of standing or sitting.When standing, stand up straight. Please do not slouch. Bend your knees instead of your back when picking things up.And do not lift heavy objects.


Ninyah - August 27

During pregnancy, you will also experience frequent urination. Hormonal changes and an expanding womb pressing on your bladder will make you want to urinate more often. If you are getting up at night, try drinking less in the evenings and more during the day. If you feel any pain when you pass urine, see your doctor-you may have urinary tract infection.


Rosebeth - August 27

Pregnant woman like you may feel shortness of breath because of such increased need for oxygen. During the late pregnancy, the pressure of your growing baby on your diaphragm may make it harder for you to breath. In this case, you should rest as much as possible.


Priscilla - August 27

You may find that you have strong likes and dislikes for certain food during pregnancy. You should always avoid foods that give you problems like indigestion. Continue to eat a variety of nutritious foods. Remember to eat in moderation, not for two!


Fhabe - August 27

When you are pregnant, you may have leg cramps. Cramps of the thigh and calf muscles usually occur during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. These cramps may be caused by a deficiency in calcium. You should massage the cramped muscles. Straighten your legs and flex your feet.Ensure your daily intake of calcium is adequate by consuming plenty of milk and milk products.


Debbie - August 28

In the middle months, the increased blood flow to your baby may reduce your blood pressure and make you feel dizzy. If you experience this, you should avoid sudden changes in position. If you feel dizzy, lie down or sit with your head between your knees. Your blood pressure may return to normal in the third trimester


Bubbles - August 28

Gums are normally very sensitive and soft during pregnancy and may bleed or become inflamed. You should brush your teeth after eating. have a regular dental check-ups and tell your dentist you are pregnant. This ensures that routine X-rays, which are harmful to your baby, are omitted from your check-up.


ChanChan - August 29

If you are pregnant the skin around your nipples may get darker!


Bambie - October 30

Well, with my 2nd pregnancy experience I had this trouble of identifying which foods really suits my appetite because most of what I like to eat before seems like it's not anymore what I want. I had a trouble in eating because I also vomit a lot..the smell of almost all foods gives me reason to i guess vomit..that's why now, I eat less and just drink much to be able to regain my strength.


Ritchel - October 30

Well, during my first trimester, i really had the difficulty in sleeping. I always had sleepless nights, I don't know but to fall asleep immediately is so hard to do even if I lay down in bed a bit earlier.That's one common troubles of pregnancy that bothers me a lot.


Zazy - October 30

sometimes, pregnancy is something that is really an experience for us women.Experiences that sometimes bothers us especially some problems which we don't know its actual's there in our body and sometimes we need some answers to know whether to panic or just ignore it.


rica - October 30

During my pregnancy, I experience problems about bleeding gums..of course I always brush my teeth every after meal. I had bleeding gums before I'm not yet pregnant but this frequent bleeding of my gums is for me not anymore normal..I'm thinking of visiting a dentist to know what causes this it proper?


Nelie - October 30

Hi! Rica, of course it's proper. As pregnant woman, there's nothing wrong to consult a dentist especially the problem that bothers you is related to what they are expert about..bleeding gums, right?


Cecelie - October 30

Nelie is right, Rica. Have a dental check-up and just tell your dentist that you are pregnant so that she or he will give you a safe medication regarding your problem.And of course the routine x-rays, which are harmful to your baby, are omitted from your check-up.


Mitch - October 30

Just let me add something because I had experience that same problems of yours before. Luckily I had a cousin who is a dentist and she told me that our gums are normally sensitive and soft during pregnancy and may bleed of become inflamed.that;'s why you need to have a dental check-up to be able to get a proper solution about your problem.


Nestly - October 30

In my case, i had trouble with indigestion. This troubles me especially during night time. My husband advised me to eat just s small amount of meals during dinner time..i think he's right because if I did eat little amount of food during dinner time, i don't have trouble about indigestion..but sometimes it can never be avoided that i like the food that's why I eat much also..and then again..indigestion happens.



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