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Common Troubles During Pregnancy
28 Replies
Nestly - October 30

In my case, i had trouble with indigestion. This troubles me especially during night time. My husband advised me to eat just s small amount of meals during dinner time..i think he's right because if I did eat little amount of food during dinner time, i don't have trouble about indigestion..but sometimes it can never be avoided that i like the food that's why I eat much also..and then again..indigestion happens.


Helen - October 30

Yes, your husband is right. Indigestion is a difficulty in digesting food that's often accompanied by such abdominal pain..this resulted to troubles of sleep also at night.


Kaye - October 30

For me, with such troubles of indigestion I've experience also before, what I did is I just had a small sips of milk or hot water and I finally had the feeling of relief..better try it for might also be an effective solution to you.


Liza - October 30

I guess what Kaye suggest is also much effective..others who have problems with indigestion usually self medicate. It's definitely wrong and too dangerous for pregnant women..but in case it really troubles you a lot, then just check with your doctor before taking antacids.


Clarisse - October 30

My pregnancy problem that bothers me a lot is having an increased vaginal discharge. Is this normal?


Faith - October 30

Yap, Clarisse, it's normal because according to my doctor friend, it is due to our hormonal changes..i also had this before and it's really quite normal and nothing to be alarmed of. But in case, you experience some itching, soreness or the discharge becomes smelly and yellowish, then I think you better see your doctor already.


Honey - October 30

well, the more that is considered normal if the discharge happens after you had sex.he!he! seriously, it's really normal if you did not experience all the things being mention by Faith.


Pearl - October 30

Hi! What about urinary leakage, is this considered as some sort of vaginal discharge?


Jasmin - October 30

Nope, I think it's different. Urinary leakage, I think is triggered by coughing, sneezing and laughing or doing some physical activity. Myself experience this urinary leakage if I done the things I mention to you earlier.


Bubles - October 30

Well, for me I avoid lifting heavy objects to avoid also having urinary leakage. And I pass urine as frequent as possible.


kate - November 6

I had this problem about varicose veins. i love to wear shorts even I'm pregnant but now I avoided this already because I'm shy enough to show my legs because of this varicose veins that i have.


mayeth - November 6

Problems about varicose veins is the enlargement of veins which i think is really cause by your hormonal changes.


Lily - November 6

I also had that kind of problem but well to partially avoid having it, according to my friends which i also followed, i put my legs up when i have the chance and then i also avoid the long period of standing and i wear a special support stockings or tights.



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