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Consulting a quack doctor
30 Replies
Naomi - September 26

Hi, there! Consulting a quack doctor is quite common especially in the rural areas.Is it safe to consult this kind of doctor to fix the position of my baby in the womb?


celia - September 26

Nice of you to question about it.But you know what?this is my simple advice regarding this matter.You and your baby's well-being will be assured through proper consultation with health experts. Consulting a quack doctor is like putting yourself and your baby in great danger. God bless!


Carmelle 8 - September 26

When I was pregnant of my 2nd child, I used to visit to a quack doctor to ask her to make ways to turn the baby in a normal position since it was found out that the baby is in breech position. Sometimes she was the one to come to our house to do what I was asking from her.
I normally delivered a normal baby.


Mobby - September 26

It might the position of the baby was not exactly in breech position,Carmelle 8, for In comparison to what happened to me I was in my second baby it was found out through ultra sound that my baby was in a breech position, then the doctor make an effort to correct it since 5months up to 8month but then, I submit myself in a ceasarian delivery.


Esa - September 26

How it was done that the baby delivered in a normal way? For me I am not in favor to a quack doctor.The quack doctor maybe she done it through experience not in a formal study, so I don't believe the quack doctor, Consult to a reliable doctor. God bless you!


maimai - September 26

to consult a quack doctor be sure this quack doctor is not living in a questionable life.His/her works may not be effective if he is a grieve sinner.How can he make miracles if he is a sinner? Miracles comes from God but if the one who performed the miracles is a sinner it might comes from the enemies.


teady - September 26

I think consulting a quack doctor is not advisable to pregnant woman because this person don't have a formal lesson.


Whena - September 28

Well, if you asked me, I definitely won't agree. I don't believe that quack doctor have the capacity and the ability to fix the position of your baby.Yeah, I do agree with Celia that it's too dangerous. They don't study this thing and much more they are called quack doctor because they are not for real..they're just fake ones! sorry!


Fergie - September 28

Hmmn? We have more advanced facilities now a days that could determine the position of the baby inside our womb.Then, the doctor who really are the experts could give us some inputs or advices on what the proper ways to do to make our baby in proper position. We don't need quack doctor.


Help - September 28

Sorry, but i disagree. I have been consulting a quack doctor twice during my pregnancy and she did fix the position of my baby inside my womb and so far, nothing bad happens to me and my baby.


Qeenie - September 28

Well, I respect your decision on consulting a quack doctor, twice. Lucky for you nothing bad happens to you and your baby. But sorry but that's your decision, I don't think it's applicable to all pregnant mothers. For me, and the many others.. quack doctor will always be a no!no!


Yhol - September 28

I agree! I'm one of the pregnant mothers who are anti- quack doctor. Sorry Help, but as you've said you consulted the quack doctor twice and nothing bad happens with you and your baby.Praise God! But please don't wait for something bad might happen, before you will realize the risk your putting to your self and to your baby. God forbid!


Fe - September 28

Speaking of my own experience, I consulted a quack doctor who has known as an expert in fixing a reverse position of the fetus since she was still a teenager, she even knows how to do some reflex.


yellow - September 28

You have to make research about the life of that particular quack Doctor so you would not regret of what you are doing,and be careful also.


brandy - September 28

Consult a reliable quack doctor about your situation, but you should also approach a medical expert.


Violet - September 30

For me, quack doctor's are good only to those ignorant people who don't have the chance of getting good education. But if a pregnant mother is knowledgeable enough then she will know that it's not good and try to do the right things instead.


Rain - September 30

Yes, I agree with Violet. Consulting a quack doctor is a sign of ignorance! Pardon me for being so vocal but it's just an opinion of mine.



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