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Consulting a quack doctor
30 Replies
Rain - September 30

Yes, I agree with Violet. Consulting a quack doctor is a sign of ignorance! Pardon me for being so vocal but it's just an opinion of mine.


Beilla - October 1

mostly in the rural areas, the quack doctors is the one who handles in taking care of the pregnant woman, but it is not safe because they don't have any formal education. .


starapple - October 1

Quack doctor can help pregnant woman in a normal delivery. They may don't have formal education but their experience would not be underestimated, which they have learned it from their parent thus coupled by faith and prayer.


cristel - October 1

why other look down the ability of the quack doctor?
as a matter of fact their talent is through experience and they can give healing effects.
pregnant woman be given a tender touch by their gifted hands.


Nelia - October 10

Consulting a quack doctor is a big No! Who are they to be able to fix the position of our baby inside our womb. They are not the experts. We need not be consulting to them.


Polly - October 12

Consulting a quack doctor,is a risk in the part of a pregnant woman. Their advises might be taken through their own experienced not in the formal study or it might taken from a heresy situation in the surroundings.


Caren - October 12

Quack doctor of whom who are expert in doing reflexology,So they can give an extra care to the pregnant woman and to the child inside the womb. A quack doctor whose life and attitude are inlined to the attitude of a good christian, based to the will of God.Choose this kind of a quack doctor and you'll be safe.


Annie - October 12

Hey, in our town there is a quack doctor who are expert in caring a pregnant woman she doesn't want to be paid but she takes good care of some pregnant woman in our place,moreover she hears mass everyday,then she impart her knowledge about God, she is dedicated in her noble work,All her patients were all safe upon delivering the baby.


BUbly - October 16

I don't believe in a quack doctor. They are not the experts we pregnant mothers need to consult. We are putting ourselves at great risk. They might just also harm the precious little ones inside us. So let's all be careful.


Justmin - October 16

Quack doctor would not be of great help. I tell you, there are more danger than safety with them. Be aware also think not just to yourself but most especially to your baby who depends only to you.


Yhol - October 16

Yap! I guess, they are right. We need to be aware of the danger the quack doctor is putting on us and to our babies if we trust in them. Never trust somebody who are not experts..they don't follow any rules..coz they make their own, so watch out!


Minda - October 16

I understand with the rest of you guys. Really it's too hard to trust a person with out having able to study something. And pregnancy is a crucial stage..we should consult the proper doctor instead.


Susie - November 7

I had a friend before who consulted a quack doctor because she wants to fix the position of her baby in the womb to be able to prevent a cesarean operation. But instead of a solution to her problem, she was getting more trouble..that almost lost her baby.


kathleen - November 7

As pregnant mother to consult a quack doctor is really not a good idea. It's like putting yourself and your baby in great trouble and danger that you will surely regret later on.


jessie - November 7

Yes, it's indeed true because quack doctor have no enough knowledge about pregnancy compared to the experts or the physicians. It's not giving the pregnant mother any good instead she's just making a big mistake having consulted a quack doctor for such a serious matter..her baby.



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