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Could I be pregnant??
32 Replies
virginia@kent - November 6

Hi there, I just need some advice really. Me and my partner had unprotected intercourse, a week before my period, I got my period which was two days late, but a normal period

i went to the doctors because i am unrinating more often then usual, she has sent a sample off to the lab and given me some antibiotics for a suspected bladder infection, my breasts ache and are veiny, i am also very tired. I have a 18month old son so I know the signs of pregnancy, but i know they are very similar to a period due, I am due on next week. but its really playing on my mind, is there a chance i could be pregnant?

I wouldn't mind at all if I were, as I am getting broody again :)


kate - November 6

Hi! Good day to you. Well, for me, I think you're not pregnant. You have said that you never missed your period and it was a normal period. Your doctor even suspected that you have a bladder infection..then, you're really not pregnant.


izel - November 6

Yeah, I do agree. Cause the most reliable person to know is the doctor if ever you're pregnant or not. Since the doctor gives you an antibiotic, then he or she knows you're really not pregnant because if you're pregnant, the doctor would not let you have the antibiotic because it's not good for a pregnant woman to take.


belyn - November 6

well, for me, it could be possible that you're pregnant because you have the symptoms of pregnancy..your doctor could be wrong with her suspicions regarding what you feel.Consult another to be able to know the real truth about your condition.


virginia@kent - November 7

My doctor did ask if it was possible i could be pregnant, I explained the situation and asked her if it could be possible, she said its possible but not likely. So i think i will just wait for my period next week. Thank you all very much for your comments :)


belyn - November 7

It's my pleasure sharing my thoughts with you. Yeah, I guess it's best if you will just wait for your next period. Take care always and God be with you.


Leni - November 12

Just stay calm, don't panic if it is pregnancy then be it, it is the will of God, all must done in accordance to the will of God.


Hera - November 12

Many a people wants to become pregnant but not all of them are granted, in your case if you are pregnant, then God allows it to be done, but if it is not then we lift up to the Lord that your illness would be cured.


Tanya - November 12

You are not pregnant or you are it depends upon the will of God. Just hold on Him.


Ciepel - November 12

I think you are not pregnant, because the time of your sexual intercourse was not in the danger period or meeting the sperm cell and the egg cell is not possible.


Margareta - November 13

Pregnancy can be done by the two person in an opposite sex but by the time of meeting period, if it was done during the time when the egg cells and the sperm cells is impossible then pregnancy is not possible.


Elezabeth - November 13

So I think you don't like to be pregnant at this time because your baby is still 18month old and to be pregnant is not wanted at this time, right? but you must be ready if ever, but the assurance of being pregnant is just 70%so you might pregee or not. Only God knows!


Anastacie - November 13

Yes, you could be! But we are not so sure, Consult to other doctor to be sure because the 1st doctor that you approached just cure the other illness without a second thought he/she give you an anti-biotics, even if he/she has not yet clarified at all.It is alarming!


Margie - November 13

No matter what you may think, you must go back to your doctor because of your situation to be sure whether you are pregnant or not, hopefully you may out of any harm and danger .


Candy - November 13

It is your question that you yourself can reliably answer, but because you share it with this forum, I think it is to be shared of , your situation , I think you are not pregnant if I am to be answered Why? because your sexual intercourse is not appropriate to be.


Vergie - November 13

Just consult a doctor or another doctor , a doctor who are concern your situation for you and for your baby.


Velen - November 13

If God is with us who can be against us! If it is the will of God it can be done because there nothing impossible with God, so pregnancy is possible but if it is not pregnancy what is it? Oh! God forbade it may not happen to you that kind of sickness which are not curable.



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