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Could I be pregnant??
32 Replies
Velen - November 13

If God is with us who can be against us! If it is the will of God it can be done because there nothing impossible with God, so pregnancy is possible but if it is not pregnancy what is it? Oh! God forbade it may not happen to you that kind of sickness which are not curable.


virginia@kent - November 13

I am due on my period today, and i think i will be on as i am feeling the cramps! thanks for all you comments! and i really woulnd't mind if i was pregnant, i would be happy, no pregnancy is not wanted!


therean - November 14

Pregnant is made by God and coupled by the marriage persons, if ever you are pregnant it means God is with you doing His creation through you, don't hesitate the power of God.
You may become pregnant! take care.


Zash - November 14

Yes, that's it it can be developed to became a baby inside the womb or it may not. just be observant.


Mathea - November 14

We could not imagined if you are pregnant, then you have taken antibiotics as given by your doctor, will you please go to another doctor to make a thorough examination of your possible situation.


kieth - November 14

Is your doctor a reliable doctor? then if you were pregnant why was he gave you an antibiotics? but you had been diagnosed as having a bladder infection so the doctor gave you a curative for the infection as per diagnosed by him.


jugein - November 14

You may or you may not! Ask a reliable doctor!


smoorthea - November 14

Hi! we may not be jump to conclusion right away!Let's find out as the days go by!


wordie - November 14

If there's a smoke there's fire! doesn't it!You have an intercourse with your partner so it is expected that you may be pregnant.!


laxienia - November 14

i think you are pregnant!


xacion - November 14

Don't worry, in my own opinion you are not pregnant, because the doctor gave medicinal for infection.


loerth - November 14

It is a doctor can give a sharp diagnosed because he studied this thing.


holenette - November 14

Good for you !If ever you are pregnant !Some woman want to be pregnant in a successive manner so the pain would be minimized.


spring - November 14

Yes, you could be!


Zeniette - November 14

Yes, it could be pregnant ,I think but not so sure!


Northeast - November 14

I guess you are pregnant, but not so sure, but take care of yourself, your the one who can help yourself.



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