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Could I be pregnant???
3 Replies
Wanga2006 - September 22

I am a week late now and my periods are usually never this late. I have noticed s few things lately, I seem to be bloating and farting a lot which I find quite embarrassing. I have had a terrible backaches and cramps like my periods will start and I am constantly checking but still nothing. I constantly feel like I'll throw up half time of the day but nothing. I have looked at my breast to see if I can pick up some changes but I'm not sure - they seems slightly bigger but they don't hurt or anything. I have gotten excited before and I have just reached that stage that I don't wanna know because I don't want to be disappointed and my other half really wants a child and we have been trying. Could I be pregnant, should I just do the test or maybe wait a bit longer and see if the periods show up?


agama2901 - September 24

Please Can somebody give me advice ?! I came off the pill on 7th January 2011 and I have periode every month since then untill 11th Jull 2011 when I have Last period. I made about 7 test ( each one difrent brand ) all of them early morning with first urine but all of them negative. I call GP and i been advice to do urine test and wait 3 moths if nothing then I can come back, I have call my GP again and requested blood test for pregnency and I been told to wait till December or January If my piriode dont come back. I'm angry becouse they dont want to refer me for blood test and I dont know If I'm happy mum or not also im working in Nursing home where I'm in risck of infections as well as injury :( Please Does any one can advice me?!


Spirit - October 19

I'm having exactly the same symptoms as you and I don't want to get excited either. I've been having the cramps and dull back aches as if my period is going to start but when I check, it's nothing as well... I just plan on waiting another week or two and if my period doesn't show up then, I'll visit the doctor.


aabbccddee - December 22


what happened in the end?



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