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Do pregnant women irritable?
30 Replies
gentle - September 14

Is it true? Why is it a pregnant women can easily flare up whenever they have meet simple problem? It has been observed that they are moody;now they are good then in a seconds they are in bad mood. Is it because they are pregnant?


daisy* - September 14

I think it is because of their situation as a pregnant, their body have changed and their are changes of the work of their hormones.


mama mea - September 14

yes, their are changes in their bodies, but are these the reasons? Then why are there some pregnant woman whom I've known who are not irritable? Are these just to catch an attention so that others may give them a special treatment?


Emilie - September 18

hi there! I think it depends on how the pregnant woman handle the situation. In my case,If I'm into the situation that gives me reason to be irritable, I shift my negative mood to positive so, I won't be irritated. It depends on how you deal about the things going on your way. Keep the right mood always..


lucky - September 18

it depends upon the woman not all pregnant woman are easily angered. i agree with the stand of Emelie, it is just a psychological effect.


britney - September 18

Yes, Emilie and Lucky got their point there. The problem with other pregnant women is that they want other people to give them special attention.That if they don't get what they want they always have the reason to get mad. But i guess, it's just a matter of adjusting to the situation and showing the best attitude always.


noime - September 18

Well,I have read your point. It seems that you really have positive disposition in life. Good for all of you. On my part, I have experience irritability when I had my 1st pregnancy. I don't know but it seems really that I don't have the power to control my emotion that time. But now on my 2nd pregnancy, things become very different. I'm not easily irritated. As a matter of fact, I take everything that comes my way so peacefully. No more bad feelings..or negative thoughts whatsoever..


cheska - September 18

Hello! Naomi, it's me Cheska. You have experience different mood or feelings during your 1st and 2nd pregnancy, right? I just wonder. Is it because your feelings about being pregnant before is different from your 2nd pregnancy? Please i need some answer.


noime - September 18

Hi,cheska. Well, yeah..when I had my 1st pregnancy, I'm only 18 years old then..still studying actually. I guess, the feeling of being unprepared to become a mother that time triggers me to be so irritated. Especially I'm not yet married to my husband then. But now on my 2nd, I'm already very much prepared coz me and my husband had a stable job, were not anymore dependent to our parents.We know from ourselves, that we can handle another child in the were both excited.


cheska - September 18

Thanks a lot Noime. I'm also pregnant with my 1st baby.. there are times that even without reason at all, things become so irritating to me. But it's not that I'm not ready to become a mom. As a matter of fact, I'm very much happy and like you and your husband, me and my husband is very much excited also. I had a full support from him as well as all our relatives. But this sudden change of attitude I'm having..troubles me.


Faith - September 18

Just try to control your feelings and emotion. I know how troubled you are, but if you tried it already, tried it more and just do your best to be patient about everything that comes your way. You're lucky enough that you got full support from your husband and relatives. So don't disappoint them.


Susie - October 24

Not all pregnant women are irritable. It's base on how the pregnant women handle the situation..if she wants to be irritable then she can be, but if she intent not to have that attitude, then she also has the power to control it.


Welah - October 24

yes, each women has different attitude. Whether she's pregnant or not the attitude will show. But for me, I don't entertain such negative attitude.. I need to control it to be able to have a healthy out look in life especially that I'm pregnant.I don't want my baby to come out from my womb frowning instead of smiling.he!he!


Flatered - October 26

I am with the idea of daisy, yes it is true it's because of the hormonal changes of the body and the reason that the pregnant woman is moody, because their minds are so called "unstable", but not mentally disorder. Unstable is in the sense that the brain is sometimes lack of oxygen and sometimes it is full of it.


Ofcourse - October 26

the mood of the woman is compared to the weather, now it is in the nice mood but after sometime it is in the bad mood. But we must understand their situation most specially to those pregnant woman it is not easy to become of what they are now in that particular situation.


Areusure - October 26

Irritable is the brand mark of the pregnant woman. If a woman is pregnant of whom not yet known it's because its size is small yet then when she flare up they just would say maybe she is "pregnant".


nothingdoing - October 26

For the pregnant woman ,the responsible community, must be given extra care. They are the chosen human beings that can produced a persons to manage the next generation, they are not ordinary for their functions are so important, so during their changes of mood it must be given extra care and understanding,..



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