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Do pregnant women irritable?
30 Replies
nothingdoing - October 26

For the pregnant woman ,the responsible community, must be given extra care. They are the chosen human beings that can produced a persons to manage the next generation, they are not ordinary for their functions are so important, so during their changes of mood it must be given extra care and understanding,..


Tug of war - October 26

Irritable is a feeling of insecurities,since the pregnant woman becomes bigger and her tummy is like a balloon then this unpleasant figure may make them feel insecure, so this might be the reason that they become irritable.


Poma - October 26

I don't know why I can not hold myself to get easily angry, every time I look for a thing that might be misplaced I can not hold to make mini-hysterical it happen now that I am pregnant. I can not think of guilt or shame, I don't have those feelings which may I think of what other might say to me, what is in my mind is to burst out my anger.How can I control this kind of attitude? Please whoever have a knowledge about this,please do share it to me. Thanks!


Economics - October 26

Poma, I understand your situation, don't panic every time you lost a thing, right it is your position and you want it to have it again, at this moment you have to sit your mind to relax...R.E.L.A.X then inhale, then exhale, seat comfortably picture out the Lord is looking at you nailed on the cross,wants to embrace you, He loves you! You have in your tummy one of His precious creation.Relax,God loves you more than you love yourself.


Tempo 57 - October 26

It is because of a hormonal imbalance but it can be controlled, The mind is the one that can control our actions of our whole body, anger can be controlled, just CONTROL.


Soprano - October 26

RElax . Control yourself. Don't let anger controls yourself.


Presto - October 26

It is just a psychological effect, don't let your anger controls yourself , try it and you'll never regret it.
You have a mind and a heart, you must take your pregnancy happily.


canuwait - October 26

It is normal to irritate but not to the extent that you can hurt others, it is said that a human being that can control his anger has a high level than the other animals, but if she can not do it she belongs to the lower level.


Egfbon - October 26

Nothing is good result if to follow the flow of the current of irritation, it can do harmful effects to the 2nd or 3rd persons and most the 1st person who has done it, the baby inside might get hurt.Or the worst if it resulted a physical defects of a baby upon delivery,or even has mental defect.


Happiness - October 26

Don't angry be happy. Then you can have a baby full of happiness in life.


Lily - October 26

I'm pregnant and sometimes I had times tough times dealing with my present situaTION. But I make it a point to control my mood and attitude. So i can handle the situation very well and avoid being irritable.


Kate - October 26

Yes, so far I also control my tantrums.he!he! For me it really depends on how you handle the situation. I just don't let my emotion just blow out into proportion. It's not good for such pregnant mother like me who always become irritated even into simple kinds of things.


Liby - October 26

Well, for me it depends on how the situation irritates me. If it's already too much then, I guess it's normal to show what I feel inside. I'm pregnant and I need to be open with my emotion cause if not, I would have a hearth attack.


Kaye - October 29

As pregnant women we should not be's not good for our baby and being irritable is a bad attitude that we need to avoid.


Nonah - October 29

A lot of pregnant women I know is very much emotional..but irritability is another thing. I think as pregnant women, sometimes the pressures of being pregnant bugs us..but we need to control our emotions in order to create a positive outlook in life.



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