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Does anyone think I could be pregnant?
4 Replies
mathgirl - December 2

My boyfriend and I have been having lots of unprotected sex but he "pulls out". But I have been experiencing many symptoms of pregnancy. My period is not due until Friday, but this has been driving me crazy. Here are my symptoms:
Sore and enlarged breasts
Cramps in my lower stomach
I get out of breathe really easy which is odd since I do run a few times a week (but not this past week due to the way I have been feeling)
I seem more hungry than normal but no strange cravings.
The area around my nipples do seem to be getting dark, although it could be my imagination.
And I am bloated.

Please let me know what you think.


babyhopes - December 10

i am no expert but i went to the dr just the other day for abdominal pain and was shocked to find out i was pregnant.. It hadnt really crossed my mind.. But my breast were sore as well and both my sisters said that was there 1st sign they were pregnant.. all the symptoms seem to be the same as mine minus the out of breath.. if you dont want to waite till you can do a pee pest or are afraid they arent reliable you can always go to the dr and ask for a blood test they show with in days and way before your missed period.. i hope this helps!


giggliest_girl - January 11

I got the depo injection in september and again in december, however i got the first injection at the wrong time of the month so i ended up being on my period for 3 weeks straight which isnt normal. which is making me think it may not be working fully for me. A week and a half ago me and my biyfriend did it unprotected and in the last few days ive felt a bit dizzle, i constantly feel sick and the smell of food is making it worse. i also have needed the toilet alot more then normal the last two days. We have only ever done it twice unprotected and i dont no what to do. Also i have suddenly got alot more emotional ive started crying alot and i never cry. Im so confused :S can anyone help me


kat7 - January 12

Pulling out method isnt a good idea if trying to avoid pregnancy! Sperm is still released BEFORE the man ejaculates.. I'd get checked out if I were you


julesp - January 31

hey there,
It definitely sounds as though you could be pregnant. Trouble with pull out method is that sperm can be released priot to actual ejaculation and can enter your body. Get yourself a pregnancy testing kit and then go along to your doctor if it reads positive.
Good luck!



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