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Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
22 Replies
Sis. Lolor - August 24

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause physical and mental birth defects.
Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the most common known causes of mental retardation.


Winonah - August 25

Alcohol is not recommended as there is no known safe level of intake during pregnancy. Alcohol enters the blood stream of the unborn child when the mother drinks. Very high alcohol consumption is associated with babies born with mental retardation,nervous system problems and facial abnormalities.


Wonder Woman - August 28

Thanks! for the reminders!
Yes I agree with you, it's true that alcohol can make damages to the growing fetus.


Gahgah - August 29

Yes,of course alcohol is not advisable to the pregnant mother, even if she drink moderately. The fetus needs to be taken care of.Nutritious foods is what the fetus needed
Mother of good intelligence won't try to ruin the life of the fetus by drinking alcohol!
Have fear in God!


Ebony - August 29

Yes, it is true. A number of studies can prove this.
Fetal alcohol syndrome is a permanent and often devastating birth-defects syndrome.
Why take the risk?
You may have a life long guilt.


Nympha - August 29

Drinking Alcohol during pregnancy can often give devastating birth defects.
Do you love your child? Then give him the nutritious food he needed refrain in drinking alcohol.


Venah - August 29

I have a friend who drank alcohol every night. She got pregnant we advise her not to drink alcohol anymore because she is pregnant but she did not listen to our advise.
Now her child has a mental defects.
Guilt feeling enveloped in her through out her life.


Linda - October 28

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very much not good to the mother and child in her womb. The mother doing it is such irresponsible..what kind of mother she is?


Mimie - October 28

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy would result to abnormalities to a child in the womb. As pregnant mother she should avoid it because its quite dangerous for the child to have it also.


Jasmin - October 28

Drinking alcohol should be avoided, as concerned mother she needs to drink plenty of water and fresh juices instead.


Lolah - October 28

Well, I don't even drink alcohol when i'm still not much more now that I'm having a baby in my womb. I'm afraid with its result to my baby if I try to take even just few sip of it.


kayle - October 28

I had a friend who loves to go to parties and discos even she's pregnant. One time she was tempted to have a just few sip of wine. it was just few times according to her but during her delivery, the doctor was able to tell to her that her baby had some mental retardation problem. She regretted very much what happens to her baby.


Sonia - October 28

Whew! what a disaster she's done to her baby. if she was not that party goer then, she could avoid being tempted to have an amount of alcohol to her body especially that she's pregnant. Now, her baby suffers her mistake for a lifetime.


Moneth - October 29

I think if women truly understood the adverse impact of drinking alcohol on their babies, they should surely quit.


Gigi - October 29

I used to smoke and drink too much alcohol. But now i quit with this kind of bad habit because my doctor reprimanded me that if I continue this bad habit, I put my baby at a significantly higher risk of pre-term birth, low birth weight and even still birth in which I don't want to happen.


Riza - October 29

Well, alcohol could really damaged a developing fetus. When the expectant mother insist on drinking it, her baby can drink it also.


Ynes - October 29

Yes, that's why alcohol should be prohibited. I've heard that alcohol is very much known to cause a mental retardation and facial abnormalities to babies. Well, I don't want my baby to be mentally retarded, you know.. that's why I have not tried it and don't have plans to try it ever!



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