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Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
22 Replies
Ynes - October 29

Yes, that's why alcohol should be prohibited. I've heard that alcohol is very much known to cause a mental retardation and facial abnormalities to babies. Well, I don't want my baby to be mentally retarded, you know.. that's why I have not tried it and don't have plans to try it ever!


Nestly - October 29

As concerned mother, we can never tell what amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy..even the doctors and other experts can't really tell..therefore, I recommend to all the pregnant mothers in the world to avoid alcohol even after pregnancy.


Orange - October 29

I used to drink alcohol when I was teenager, it was done every night in order to have a good sleep, but now that I am already pregnant I stop cause my doctor advise me to do so,because as she explained to me that it can have bad effects to my baby inside my womb.


Yellow - October 29

Drinking alcohol may give bad effects to the mother and to the fetus, if you love your health and to your baby , why not stop drinking alcohol!


Matilde - October 29

I am so regret why I did not stop drinking alcohol that may cause my son so sickly, he has a heart failure that he can't sustain to play, and I'm so worried about him, I am the one to blame about his situation now.


Wenie - October 30

Drinking alcoholic drinks is really not advisable for pregnant women to drink. As pregnant women, let's all be concerned enough with the baby inside us. Let's not put our baby to great risk because we will not be at peace also to see our babies suffers the faults we've done to them.


LIza - October 30

Yes! and let's think about this: drinking alcohol is bad for those not pregnant how much more for us who are carrying another life within. It's really too risky to just try even drink a little amount of it.So please, if you've not tried it..don't! If you've tried it already..stop!



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