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Early sign of pregnancy?
5 Replies
polkadot - March 30

I had unprotected sex only about 10 days ago. I hadn't even though or worried about it until I started feeling differently on Sunday. I know it is rare to experience symptoms until 3 or 4 weeks into the pregnancy, but I am convinced something is different about me. I am not even close to being due for my period, so I am sure it is not PMS.

I keep having slight pains in my uterus, and in my groin. That was the first symptom. Since Sunday I felt like I was going to come on my period, even though my period was not that long ago (so I knew I wasn't coming on). That is what aroused my suspicions. I am still getting it now. I haven't felt like this before. I also get this occassional tingling sensation, and I even get it in my anus occassionally!

Then I noticed my breasts were SLIGHTLY (very slightly) tender, and slightly lumpy.

Then I noticed I was getting a lot of discharge... it was mostly white, and sticky. It wasn't clumpy and doesn't itch or smell bad... it seems to be very normal.

I noticed I have been incredibly hungry for the past few days too... I cannot stop eating.

I also have lots of gas (I don't know if that is what is causing the pain or what, but I have never experienced pain in my uterus (well it feels like my uterus) when I have wind!

I am urinating a lot (I don't think it is a urine infection as it doesn't hurt when I pee, and it doesn't smell bad or anything like that).

I am feeling lots of pressure in my lower abdomen.

Does this sound like very early symptoms of pregnancy?


polkadot - March 30

Also when I say I get 'slight' pains, I mean, they're not so slight that I should dismiss them! But they are not absolute agony or anything.


polkadot - March 30

OH and another thing.. I am experiencing occasional nausea... again, not very strong nausea, but noticeable. I got it particularly on Monday. I also had a cup of tea on an empty stomach, and I felt like I was going to throw it up. Although, I will add that it is not the tea as I have had tea since and not had a problem.


PeterMatin - April 1

It's hard to tell at this time that you are pregnant or not. But the symptoms are more similar of the pregnant women better to have UPT


polkadot - April 1

What does UPT mean?


polkadot - April 1

Oh sorry, found out. But I don't think it would show on a UPT yet because I only had unprotected sex just under 2 weeks ago.



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