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Edema During Pregnancy
15 Replies
haley mae - October 2

Hi! I just want to asked. How can I prevent edema during pregnancy?


Sophie - October 2

Good day to you Haley. Well, during my pregnancy, my doctor told me that to avoid edema I also should avoid eating salty foods, as well as junk foods.


Susiet - October 2

Hi! I'm Susiet, I'm just curious what was this Edema, you're talking about. Could you elaborate this to me pls? Thanks..


Sophie - October 2

Hi! Susiet, nice of you to asked. Well, edema is swelling due to water retention. During pregnancy, it usually occurs in the legs and ankles. Although it's quite common, a pregnant mother like us should still informed our doctor about it if we experience this kind of problem for proper medication.


onie - October 2

A pleasant day to you, I'm glad we have this kind of forum. Let me add something. I also experienced edema during my pregnancy. But what I did to avoid is I drink lots and lots of fluids and yeah I also avoid eating foods that are salty. Even how much I crave for junk foods i avoid eating it for i know it's not good.


Wennie - October 2

I know that edema during pregnancy could really be avoided. On my part, I wear support stockings and use low-heeled shoes. I also avoided staying in one position for one hour. i also exercise and do a lot of walking activities. At night, I try to elevate my feet when i go to sleep.


haley - October 2

Hi! I would like to say thank you for this information I was able to get from all of you about edema. Actually, even I'm pregnant, I always would want to eat junk foods and many salty foods during snack time. But now that i know that it causes edema, I would try my best to stop and avoid eating this kinds of foods. Thanks again.


tzen - October 4

Oh, it's edema that during my pregnancy, I have to buy new slippers its because my feet become big , what I did was when i was seated i inclined my feet so not it would not become bigger and bigger.


mommylou - October 4

You know, we have to be cautious in eating food , it is food that make us healthy, but there are some kinds foods that make us sick also. So we have to know the value of our food we are going to eat in order to keep away from illness.
Edema is an illness that comes from eating not the right food for our body.


Frezy - October 4

you have to scrutinize your food, "eat a good balance diet". Take note of it.


Eden - October 4

Salty foods must be minimize, control also in overeating sweet foods.,much more you are now pregnant.Take care of your self, you are the one responsible of your physical body, which is inside,.. is your own fetus.


Trusty - October 4

Beware of junk foods,! it is has a palatable taste but can cause secret dizziness. Don't take the risk of eating those kinds of foods.


Vicki - October 8

Of being pregnant, one must not eat too much to the needs of our body most of intake of salty foods.


Daynie - October 8

Hello! don't take the risk by eating too much salty foods. What is too much can give bad effects to our health it must be moderate.


badid - November 7

I was not able to avoid edema during my pregnancy. Because i always love to eat junk foods no matter how my husband would not allow me to have it. That's why, i am the one who's responsible to have this problem. Now, that I have already avoided eating junk foods i now wasn't bothered with edema and I'm also glad about it.


girl - November 7

yes, eating junk foods really causes edema during pregnancy that's why now that you have avoided those kinds of foods then you will not have any more trouble about it. Plus, drink lots and lots of water also it's good to prevent edema more.



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