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Exercise During Pregnancy
40 Replies
Odets Novicio - August 24

Exercise during pregnancy resulted in cardiovascular benefits to the fetus.


Jennie Ace - August 26

Yes,I agree. Expectant mother needs to know the importance of exercise.But she must knowledgeable of the exercises appropriate for the pregnant women.
Seek an advice from an expert.


Melie - August 28

Exercise during pregnancy is good because woman's body needs it.But pregnant women must be careful of doing their exercise.


Mrs. Lou Orhna - August 28

Walking is the best exercise. It is advisable to all pregnant women. It is a safest exercise one can do to stay healthy.
Try to smile for the whole days work so that the unborn child can internalized the smiling personality. Moreover it is also a good exercise for the face.
Try it and you will never regret it.


mayfair - September 5

an expert physician may advise an exercise which is appropriate to a pregnant woman. i myself experienced this matter,i do a lot of exercise at the time of my pregnancy.
and upon my delivery, it was a great success since i did not feel an intense pain during my labor. it was just like i only removing my bowel.


starsier - September 5

exercise is good for a pregnant woman.whatever the mother is doing, the child also feel it. the alertness of the mother depends upon how she handles her situation.but if the pregnant woman is lazy to do an exercise then she is always sleepy.
how good is our body if we always do an exercise even if we are pregnant.


joyful - September 6

I'm pregnant but as much as possible, I still want want to be on the go. I wake up early every morning and do lots of safe exercises for pregnancy. Such as swimming, walking and other relaxing home exercises. I know that it's good for my body and for my baby. I always make a time schedule for these certain exercises.Good that my husband is also very cooperative and always there to monitor my every performance.I've notice that I only experience few pregnancy sickness because of doing some exercises.


lemonade - September 6

Hi! I'm lemonade, I'm also pregnant. Please don't get me wrong but. I also try to undergo so many exercises but unfortunately, It does not gives me any good. My morning sickness becomes worst and worst each day. I suffered so many body aches. So now I'm bothered already thinking what might happen to my baby if I continue to experience any of these.


joyful - September 6

Good day, lemonade! i think you're the one getting me wrong. You're kind of pregnancy is very much different than mine. We have our own different way of experiencing pregnancy. Good for me that I can manage myself in doing lots of pregnancy exercises. But in your case, I think you need to consult first your doctor before trying to have such exercises. Have your doctor's opinion regarding this matter as soon as possible.


cheska - September 26

Hi there guys! i'm also pregnant and I do the mild exercise. I know not all pregnant women are advised to exercise because some have pregnancy complications and having to exercise may be the cause for miscarriage.So, just know your limitations and ask always your doctor's opinion before doing any form of exercise.


triplets - September 26

Yes, exercise can be advantageous to a pregnant woman. but the exercise that can be performed during that pregnancy is fitted to the situation.


lordian - September 26

Hi!I love to exercise before I'm not yet pregnant. But now, my body felt tired every time I undergo some exercises even if it's just only simple exercises. So, with my condition, I think now is not the right time to exercise.


merlien - September 27

Exercise is a good advise to the pregnant woman because it can give nice result to the baby and so to the mother. A pregnant woman must be aware that exercise can make the pregnant woman active and strong.


lorneal - September 27

Are you fond of exercise? then don't worry because even if you are pregnant you can still do your exercise. Don't hesitate to do it.
Be an active pregnant mother.


haniepe - September 27

Keep your body strong and healthy. Keep on doing your daily exercise even if you are presently pregnant. Why you stop exercising? Each one of us needs a daily exercise, are you not aware of that?


bossy - September 27

Gooday! do some exercise even if you are pregnant. It can not harm the baby inside your womb, then it can also help in achieving a good breathing.


Kayle - October 10

Exercise during pregnancy is good for all of us pregnant mothers. For me, if I don't get to exercise, I felt so much pain in my body. But if I exercised, I always feel a very good and relaxing effect in my body. It's nice.. really!



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