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Exercise During Pregnancy
40 Replies
Kayle - October 10

Exercise during pregnancy is good for all of us pregnant mothers. For me, if I don't get to exercise, I felt so much pain in my body. But if I exercised, I always feel a very good and relaxing effect in my body. It's nice.. really!


Delia - October 10

Hi there! Yap! Exercise is good. I have been exercising since my first pregnancy until now that it's already my third. It gives a good effect and during my delivery, I don't get so much pain.


Artie - October 12

Hi!,it is needed to do an exercise,for you to became fit and strong, you are pregnant and if you want to endure the pain during your delivery ,you have to do an exercise daily.


Artem - October 12

Do you want that your baby is fit and strong? then do an exercise daily , in so doing the exercise , one must be carefully do the right exercises for the pregnant woman,is it a fact that you are connected to your baby's breathing? If your breathing is in an exact procedure, then it it expected that your BABY will become a healthy baby.


tkr 5 - October 15

Let us exercise even if you are pregnant.Our body needs it. In addition to this during the period of pregnancy,the woman may experience a laziness within her so to fight for this attitude,one must exercise daily but be careful not to exceed more time for it.


Chrystal - October 15

Our body is like a machine, it needs an exercise so to make it strong and healthy.
But take note of your breathing, it is so nice to breath than before.


Dianne - October 16

To stay fit and healthy is my number one goal in life. Now that I'm pregnant the more that I give myself the needed exercises that my body needs. But of course I only perform exercises that's fitted for my pregnancy condition because I'm also afraid that too much heaVY exercises could harm my baby.


Mae - October 16

Yes,our body needs to have us exercise. But warning for pregnant mothers: just limit the exercise you will be performing. Too much effort and sweat, could also lead to miscarriage.


Fritzie - October 18

Exercise during pregnancy is very much needed. This would help us get through with our labor nice and well. I exercise 3 times a week and I feel a positive effect that's why I don't intent to stop doing exercises even after my delivery.


Rhoda - October 18

I exercise also even now that I'm pregnant. I know this is good and it's gives a favorable effect to my condition and even for my baby.My other pregnant friends had this special exercise sessions together with our husbands..we enjoyed most of the time.


Leah - October 24

Exercise during pregnancy is one of the vital factors that contribute to a healthy pregnancy. A pregnant mother who exercise, would not suffer hard labor during her delivery and would also deliver a healthy baby.


Mitch - October 24

Hiking is the best exercise I could recommend to pregnant mothers like me. I Hike early in the morning and I did got a good effect during my first pregnancy. That's why with my second pregnancy, I still have hiking as part of my exercise regimen.


Joy - October 24

I get a wonderful feeling If i exercise. I know it will give a positive effect during my pregnancy. That's why i don't intent to stop it.


Dejie - October 30

Exercise during pregnancy is good way of maintaining a healthy body and it would help a pregnant woman to have a very easy labor during her delivery.


Kathy - October 30

My doctor advised me to perform some simple exercises even just twice a week to be able to maintain a more healthy pregnancy that's good for my baby as well.


Menchie - October 30

There's indeed a medical evidence to show that exercise, is really healthy during pregnancy that's why I tried it hard to exercise even a vigorous workout. It makes my body feels healthy and active each day.



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