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Exercise During Pregnancy
40 Replies
Menchie - October 30

There's indeed a medical evidence to show that exercise, is really healthy during pregnancy that's why I tried it hard to exercise even a vigorous workout. It makes my body feels healthy and active each day.


Michelle - October 30

Yap, actually exercise is usually safe during pregnancy.,and based also with my experience before I was pregnant with my first baby..I found out that it's really has a good effect.According to the experts,however, women who exercised vigorously were more likely to carry their babies in full term compared with women who exercised less and not at all.


Halley - October 30

Well, that's true. But we must not also forget that not all women has the capacity to perform vigorous exercise. As pregnant women, it's better that she should check with her doctor before exercising. To find out if its okey with her to perform such exercise.


Pearlyn - October 30

Well, I joined a prenatal aerobics class, because I know it's advantages with my pregnancy. Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bicycle, are just few of exercises that I usually performed because for me, those were the excellent exercises choices for a pregnant women.


Yash - October 30

Yes, and every time you've done those exercises, make sure you wear a supportive bra and properly fitting athletic shoes and drink a lot of water after exercising.


Mildred - October 30

Staying in shape will help us pregnant mothers to keep up our stamina during our own impending marathon-labor!


Mellie - October 30

Yes, I very much agree! And afterward, the more muscle mass a pregnant woman have, the quicker she'll regain her pregnancy shape and be able to pack away those maternity pants.he!he!


kaye - October 31

As pregnant mother, we do not need at least 30 minutes to exercise. With our condition,I guess others would not have time to exercise. But if we just think about it's health benefits to us,we should find time even with our busy schedule. It's better to exercise for at least 10 minutes than certainly doing nothing at all.


honey - October 31

its good to have always an exercise schedule. this should be part of a pregnant mother's daily routine. But of course, we should be giving ourselves some rest. because if you will not take a break,you'll just probably hurt yourself.


minie - November 5

As pregnant women, we don't need to sweat it out at the gym to exercise. We can do a lot of simple things or having daily activities that would serve us our exercise.



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