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Failure to eat the desire food can cause Miscarriage?
32 Replies
berwin 5x - September 18

Is there something can cause miscarriage? As what I've known from our elders a pregnant woman who crave to eat a certain food and then she failed to eat it it can cause miscarriage, is it true or just an ancestral belief?


Anna - September 18

I think it is just a belief it doesn't have a medical explanation.


judith - September 18

in my own opinion, failure to eat the desire food can cause miscarriage because the baby inside the womb is the one who wanted to eat it and if it is not given it may think it is unwanted to the world.


**jenny** - September 18

It's so nonsense to me. sorry but i don't believe it.


honey - September 18

I'd like to make a comment regarding this topic. For me, this is just another superstitious beliefs that instead of believing in it, it's best to just ignore it.Failure to eat the prescribed food good for the baby ..or failure to avoid eating the foods that causes harmful effects to the baby can cause miscarriage.Not failure to eat the desired food. Really,this is silly..


mercury - September 18

There is no truth to this matter. Not all pregnant mothers can afford to buy all the foods that they're craving to eat. If failure to eat the desired food can cause miscarriage, then I wonder how many miscarriages could have happen to all the expected mothers in the world who could not have the foods they want..


daniel - September 18

I think, others believe in this because it happened to them. I heard this beliefs before when my cousin had her miscarriage and it made me think that what if it's true? So, every time feel i wanted to eat something..I really tried to have the foods I'm craving coz I'm afraid I could have miscarriage..i don't want that to happen..


mercury - September 18

Well, sorry but as for me, there is really no truth and I don't believe such a beliefs that's only superstitious. No scientific way! But, i respect your opinion..and i will also stand on what i think is true enough to believe in..


sheila - September 18

hello, Daniel. Pardon me but i think i have to agree with mercury and the rest of the others who don't believe such issue. Well, what happened to the miscarriage of your cousin is just a matter of coincidence. But in reality,for all you know.. the reason is way beyond the truth.


amiable - September 26

Crave to eat certain food during pregnancy and then to do it successfully may result satisfaction but how about failure to eat it? No,it can not cause miscarriage but it can affect the feeling because of stress.


Florince - September 26

I was pregnant at that time when there's was an event happened that I desire to eat a certain food that not having it caused an unexplainable ache, that there's a blood flow.It almost lost my child.
Is it a coincidence?


sportiy - September 26

Florince, don't give conclusion about these matter. Like to eat a food which are nowhere to be found that may cause miscarriage?,it depends upon the strength and weaknesses of the pregnant woman.


nitha - October 1

During my pregnancy in my third child, I crave to eat every thing as if my nostril has an antenna i can smell the food even if it is away from me, since I smell food which is for is nice to eat I requested my husband to buy for me that certain food,but he was not able to buy since it is cooked because it is an ordered food, in a moment I felt so much pain and if I was not brought immediately to the hospital maybe I can have miscarriage of that baby.
Coincidence!I don't know.


melay - October 1

Failure to eat the desire food can cause miscarriage, it is true cause I've experience it during my 1st pregnancy ,I was riding on a bus I desire to eat a green mango but along the way I did not see it,I did not mind when I feel tired and would like to deifficate and when I reach home i went immediately to the comfort room, and there I found out a blood coming from my vagina, I was rush to the hospital but i lost my child just for that matter?


Deniese - October 2

I don't think that in a desire of eating food and failure to do it can cause miscarriage. If it happened its maybe a coincidence only. It is a psychological effect, one must think positive , don't think negative. There's no connection, it is just in our mind and the mind is the one who controls the body.


Flores - October 2

It is a hard to explain how it happened that there's no connection the position of the fetus and the food that was crave. Failure to eat can cause miscarriage? No it's not like that, it is not as easy as that.


bestfriend - October 2

a pregnant woman can crave food in accordance to the fetus desire. There's a connection between the mind and heart, If you love to eat it, it is because the baby wanted it, the fetus is part of the woman's body,so there's a connection between the mother and the baby who is inside the womb.



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