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Failure to eat the desire food can cause Miscarriage?
32 Replies
bestfriend - October 2

a pregnant woman can crave food in accordance to the fetus desire. There's a connection between the mind and heart, If you love to eat it, it is because the baby wanted it, the fetus is part of the woman's body,so there's a connection between the mother and the baby who is inside the womb.


monich - October 2

yes there is something can cause miscarriage, it is stress,it is one of the factors that can cause miscarriage,and the cause of the stress is failure to eat the desire food. Am I right? just participate the discussion if you have some knowledge about the topic,Thank you!


Abcys - October 16

Failure to eat the desire food can cause miscarriage,.. it may or may not true,I craved a food during my 4th child so crave that even in the absence of that food I can smell the food but I haven't eaten it and what had happened? I almost lost the child but it was saved because I consulted it to the doctor but the baby born premature,he was only 7months when I deliver him.


Gummamela - October 16

Is it the result in the failure to eat the desire food? the miscarriages?,is it not only the mother would just to make attention so it resulted a side effect,?


Adelpha - October 16

I don't think so, but if it happened in reality then I must be careful so it may not happen to me, I must set my mind up to the things that may give happiness not to think in craving food that may resulted in disappointment if ever it may not be realized, I must always think positive.


shortagemakeup - October 16

It is a psychological effect, I think it is due to the desire to eat it but try to divert your attention so not to think it always, AS a matter of fact our mind is the one who controls our body.


Floripes - October 16

Is it true? what is the connection? For me in times of pregnancy I did not experience to desire a food that I may want to eat and if ever I can not eat I got disappointed, that it why I got puzzled of this in4mation.


Nehneh - October 17

You know, I don't buy this idea, "to have miscarriage if ever it could not be able to eat those foods."I had experienced that during my pregnancy I wanted to eat a food which is not visibly at that time, but after that I was not experienced something unusual. I have a successful delivery and have a healthy baby.


Ploideth - October 17

Failure to eat the desire food can cause miscarriage, yes, it depends upon the situation of the baby,it may cause miscarriage if the fetus is not in the healthy position, but I think its causes is in the psychological effect of the mother it depends upon the pregnant woman if she thought that she could get miscarriage, then it may have done,the sickness and the illness is depends upon the work of the minds.


Remedios - October 17

Hello! I'm now pregnant and I'm very worried of the situation that might happened it is because I am waiting for too long and prayed incessantly so we would be given a child and now I have the child our prayers have granted, but I can not hold myself to be worried, so that it won't happen to me, the miscarriage,. I am craving a food which is not in season.Hoping my baby will be healthy.


Delpha - October 24

Yes, I believe in it because my sister had this pregnancy cravings before but unfortunately her husband was not able to get what she wanted to eat because the food was so unusual and it's hard to find. Would you believe, after 1 week of cravings..she had her miscarriage.


Dede - October 24

Hi! I think the cause of the miscarriage of your sister is based on another reason and not the failure to eat such desired food.


Rea - October 24

Well, I guess Dede is right. You see their are lots of factors that contribute on why a certain pregnant mother could possibly had a miscarriage but what you've said was really not believable enough. What's the connection, if i may asked?


Delpha - October 24

Well, I'm not forcing anybody to believe..what's the connection? The connection is in the mother and the baby's inside her womb. Actually, when the pregnant mother crave for something, it's not her that want's the baby.


Wenah - October 24

Everyone of us has different point of view regarding some matters that need serious discussion. It's up to us whether we believe it or not..that's why we have this forum right? To be able to express what's inside our mind.


Yesha - October 24

Well, I guess we are divided regarding what we believe in. But in my case, I am part of those pregnant mothers out there who find it so hard to agree with this topic. For me, no craving of food and failure to eat it could be a possible reason to have miscarriage. I think it's the way how a pregnant mother handle herself irresponsibly that causes her miscarriage.



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