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First Signs?
27 Replies
MariaBall - October 11

hey I was just wondering if somebody could help me, I think I might be pregnant..
Ive been havein sharp pains in my stomak lately.
spots on my chin area wich I never have spots.
cravein food alot.
sore nipples.
back aches.

Thnkyuu Please get back to me.


Wenaeh - October 12

Thank you for the topic you've share to this forum, yes what you've pictured out are symptoms of pregnancy,congratulation! You are really a woman!


Lordiah - October 12

May I join your discussion? You know I'm also feel what MariaBall have felt and I haven't have my pregnancy test yet, and in addition I am so happy if this is a sign of pregnancy,hoping this is it!


laffy - October 12

It is a sign of pregnancy,MariaBall, please take care of yourself but whatever pains persist don't ignore it just see a doctor immediately so you would be given an advise of what is the right things to do.


Carmela - October 12

Oh! how nice of you, take care of yourself! Congratulations! your now a mother-to-be!


Marimar - October 12

I think you are pregnant, because I experienced too, of what you have felt now and my advise is not to eat cravely of the foods you desire to eat at present coz you might become over weight or you might experience an allergy.


Loumel - October 13

Every pregnant woman may have signs of pregnancy, some have the same symptoms while others may have different from the others. Mostly they have the same symptoms like morning sickness and crave of foods which are unusual and many more.


kate - October 13

I am pregnant but I don't know what to do every time I feel so tired and I don't like to make clean up of my self.I think it is not natural but I can not help my self to do it. What shall I do?


Jeff - October 13

Hoping I can endure this signs., those signs which are normally present to the life of a pregnant woman but with the power of our God of Whom I trusted Him so much, there's nothing impossible and everything is in a smooth sailing.


olive - October 13

Hello, I'm here having my first signs, it is so wonderful feeling but sometimes I accept that I can not understand why it happens to us, we pregnant woman, can experienced different sickness during pregnancy, but I also believe that God allows this things to happen because He has a purpose.


Bataclan - October 13

Yes, 1st signs may appear to every pregnant woman, it is not unusual, one can have this , if she is pregnant, whatever changes in our body we can have these signs, it is like if there is coming typhoon there's a signs so that we can notice that typhoon is coming,isn't it?whatever changes there's pain,right?


Papier - October 13

Are signs important to be interpreted? we must know everything of what it is. First signs,can be recognized by the pregnant mother and also to the husband if he is an observant to herself and towards the surroundings.


Rowel - October 13

Oops! be strong you are in the level of the chosen people! Conquer all fears and anxiety, you may gain the blessings from God.


humminbird - October 15

Is this your first time? Being pregnant is to be taken carefully and must be alert in seeking an advice if ever there are things that is unusual that may visibly crop up.


carry 1 - October 15

There are things that may encounter by the pregnant woman during her 1st trimester mostly in this period an unusual event may openly come.
Mostly the signs are the swelling of the breast, nausea, some dark spots in the nipple, and many other.
Seek an advice to those who have already experience pregnancy or to the physician/doctor.


Honey - October 16

Yes, I'm very much sure you're pregnant. Those were some signs and symptoms of being pregnant. Congratulations!


Riza - October 16

I have experience that also. I'm pregnant and I know you might be too. Just consult a doctor or have a pregnancy test kit to find out for yourself if you're pregnant or not.



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