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First Signs?
27 Replies
Riza - October 16

I have experience that also. I'm pregnant and I know you might be too. Just consult a doctor or have a pregnancy test kit to find out for yourself if you're pregnant or not.


Jessie - October 16

Yes, you need to consult a doctor regarding this matter. But if you asked me, then I will agree also with those other pregnant mothers who have shared their opinion.. yes! it's definitely the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You really might be pregnant.


Ahne - October 16

Pregnancy can be detected through signs, for my case I don't have any signs appeared during my first trimester but it appeared only nearly in my second trimester and my first signs? was so weird...I don't like to take a bath!!Oh!... God it was so shameful in my part but it was happening to me.!


Jounne - October 16

Am I pregnant? Oh! yes, and I'm eager to cuddle my baby! I love to become a mother, why I know that I am pregnant? it is because of signs of which I know through research and through in4mation from knowledgeable persons. My 1st sign that I experienced was my breast grew bigger of which I love to look at it in the mirror.


Tediey - October 16

There are different signs that may experience during pregnancy, in your case ,MariaBall , it is a signs of pregnancy, may you keep your pregnancy healthy. Good luck!!!


Margarreta - October 16

Wow! Hopefully I can have one! I want to become pregnant! And I'm willing to experience any kinds of signs that may present during pregnancy.


Wesley - October 16

If there's a typhoon coming, before it comes there's a sign that we've notice.So as pregnancy it has a signs that may crop up, mostly the star of the show is the craving of food,a sour fruits, a green mango,is the popular of all.Craving of food which is not in season is the happiness of the pregnant woman if this may hand over to her.


Moonlit - October 16

Want to know the signs? It is a signs that mostly it gives any physically changes for the pregnant woman, mostly the breast and the hips, it makes a woman looks sexy.Not to mention the darker spots in the other parts of the body.


Loret - October 16

Take care of yourself to those who are first timer,don't panic, just take it easy, for this will only pass by.


MariaBall - October 21

Thankyou for all your comments, You've all been a great help. x


Bebie - October 24

First signs of pregnancy should not be ignored. I guess, as a mother who wants to be pregnant is very vigilant enough to identify the first signs of pregnancy. Like me, if I feel something unusual about myself and my body, I immediately check it out with a pregnancy health kit to be able to know the answers whether I'm pregnant or not.


Sophie - October 24

Well,pregnancy is very crucial stage a mother could experience. Sometimes we are very much eager to get pregnant that's why were thinking that first signs is really a sign. But then later, felt disappointed to know that the first signs were just a false alarm.So, better ask the experts on what really are the signs of pregnancy to be sure about everything in pregnancy.



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