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Getting Fit or Getting Pregnant?
18 Replies
Eging - August 24

Exercise is usually a good thing, but your workout could make it harder to conceive.


Princess - August 26

Some mothers don't like to be called "Jumbo". They want to be always sexy in the eyes of their husband but the trouble is if the husband wanted to have a child,what you are going to do?
Do away of your workout exercises.Exercise is good to our health but to be a real mother you have to refrain the tremendous exercise and prepare yourself to conceive a healthy baby.
Make a good decision! God bless!


Kayell - August 27

To get pregnant is a miracle. Perhaps, one of the greatest feelings you will experience in your life is the joy of expecting a seed of life bursting from your own womb. Truly, motherhood is an ultimate gift a woman will treasure forever.


rose - October 28

getting fit or getting pregnant? Well, for me i want to have both.


Sally - October 28

I want to get fit even I'm pregnant. i mean to be able to exercise since it's good for pregnant women, and i believe with its positive effects to my pregnancy.


Pearl - October 28

Of course i want to get pregnant. The essence of a woman could be made possible when she conceive a baby in the womb. i want to give my husband a child of our own. Getting fit could still be done later after pregnancy.


Ionah - October 28

Yes, that's right! I particularly, have 3 kids already and still I'm having another one on the way. But no regrets because i'm happy with my kids and I also make my husband happy. As soon as I have my delivery the next thing comes to my mind is to how I will regain my sexiness which my husband loves it very much!.


Kathleen - October 28

Yes, i agree..we can still managed to get fit and be sexy again after our delivery if we really want to.


Babeth - October 28

I think it's possible to mothers who don't get the burden to take care of the kids and doing so much work at home. But for us mothers who are just plain housewife, then getting fit after our delivery is like passing through a needle.


Benilda - October 28

Well, it depends on how the mother managed her time taking care for the kids and doing a house work and have her home exercise schedule. She needs to have a good time management to be able to still give time also for herself.


gigi - October 28

Yes, time management is what we mothers need to be able to do both..getting fit and getting pregnant. It's a matter of how we handle things for our family and for stay sexy and attractive.


Geraldine - October 28

Yes, i do agree also because some mothers even if they are just plain housewife still looks their best. To have a baby is really not a hindrance if you really want to look good..self discipline and determination is what we need.


Babeth - October 28

I don't want to argue anymore. You can say whatever you like because that is your opinion guys. But for me, it's really better said than done period!


Red - October 29

In getting married, it is expected that they can have a baby of their own, then the mother is already set up her mind that to become pregnant,she can no longer wear a sexy dress during this pregnancy period, but after the pregnancy back to become sexy again.


Apple - October 29

In my situation, at this present life, I am regretful for my undecided to have a baby because I still like to go anywhere I want to go other places as long as I can expense then my husband and I go together but we planned to have a baby after 30yrs. old but until now we don't have baby at the age of 47yrs and my husband is 55yrs.


Grape - October 29

Getting fit or getting pregnant? , it is the question that only you, can answer. What is your priority in life? It all depend of you fore view in life, If your sight in life is only companionship then you have to get fit always, but if you would like to have children coming from your own blood then choose to get pregnant!
May the spirit of wisdom bestow upon you!


Scalabrini - October 29

My question is how we can get fit as well as get pregnant? I want the two, but any way I am a married of 3months and It is the well of God that I lift up whether He makes me a mother of my own children,and become fit again after the delivery, it all depends the well of the Lord. God bless us all!



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