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Getting Pregnant
25 Replies
Lorrah - August 22

Getting pregnant adds that several days before ovulation, the mucus becomes creamy and wet. As the woman approaches ovulation, the mucus becomes thin, slipper, stretchy and clear.


Supermother - August 28

Getting pregnant can be distinguish through our feeling and by looking intensely to our underwear,compare to the not getting pregnant.
Getting pregnant is a gift from God. How can a human being make life within the body of a woman? Being a pregnant woman is a great privilege.And we must take care of this opportunity through giving an extra care and love to the unborn child inside our womb.


Flower - August 29

Getting pregnant is the fulfillment of being a woman. So if a woman is pregnant then we can say that she is really a woman.
I love to see a pregnant woman.Because within her is a life that may take place the position of the older person. So woman be proud and care the needs of the fetus inside your womb.


refrien - September 5

at first i was hesitant to become pregnant because i think it is hard for the woman to bring the baby inside the stomach.i have so many questions in my mind about pregnancy.but as the years go by. slowly all cloudy fly away and knowledge about pregnancy is learned through interviews and readings.
Getting pregnant is what i am proud of nowadays and onwards.


leggeh - September 5

Are you not proud of getting pregnant? You must be proud my dear, it means you are truly a woman. Can you just imagine if you would not be pregnant.!


Purple - September 6

A pleasant day! On my part, getting pregnant gives me and my husband unexplainable happiness. We have been married long enough before I was able to conceived our first baby. We did everything just to get pregnant and we're very happy and thankful to God for this wonderful gift.


moneth - September 8

I agree! When my husband and I found out that I'm already 2 months pregnant. We're both happy and excited.Our love grows more and more each day. We can't wait for the coming of our baby..the symbol of our love and devotion.hehe


wendy - September 8

Like all of you guys who are pregnant and still planning of getting pregnant. I'm very much proud of myself. Getting pregnant makes me a better woman and it's a fulfillment of my womanhood. That I become an instrument to create life. God bless all pregnant mothers in the world!!


cherryl - September 10

I love to see a woman who is pregnant. I really admire her.But in my part it can not be done because my uterus was taken out through operation.
Getting pregnant is one of my dreams, which is impossible to happen in my life.
mother,pray always and include in your prayer the people who are getting pregnant.


nescit - September 13

my husband and I are both healthy but we are not able to have a baby of our own for ten years now,we are so sad and fear of not having a baby enveloped in my mind and heart because I wanted to have a baby since my early marriage that as a matter of fact the maternity dress of our elder sister are in my hand,there were times that I wore those clothes,till this moment We are still hoping for my pregnancy.
Please include us in your prayers. Thanks!


myway - September 13

hi! there's no impossible with God. Everything is possible,just trust to His divine providence then wait.
you'll get pregnant soon. Getting pregnant is not just only to believe in our capacity but believe in Him, the merciful creator,don't doubt. Have faith on Him!


truelaey - September 13

getting pregnant is in the will of God, even if you are healthy it is not yet guarantee that you can already bear a fetus inside you womb,everything depends upon the blessing of the Lord.pray without unceasing then God will take the rest.


Sarah - October 2

Well, the first and most important way to ensure that a woman will get pregnant right away is to make love as close to the time of ovulation as possible.That's what I did and i really get pregnant right away.


Antoneth - October 2

Well, before because of our excitement to get pregnant, we made love everyday. But our doctor advised us that it's wrong and it's not proper.She told us that we need to have it alternately and make sure that I'm very much fertile.So far, we follow her advice and thanks God! we finally had our baby.


Thealy - October 10

Getting pregnant is not an easy task. One has to condition herself as to how to bring the child inside the tummy for about nine months and to know the correct position while sleeping.


Adviser - October 10

Getting pregnant is the fulfillment of being a woman.It means that a producer of life is made by God.Of course God, made some process of how man can help to create a new life.


Active - October 10

I am proud that I am pregnant at this time,and am so happy of being a mother to be. Getting pregnant is a combination of life of a husband and a wife. I must take care of being what I am, God chooses me, and I let Him to manage my life.



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