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Getting Pregnant
25 Replies
Active - October 10

I am proud that I am pregnant at this time,and am so happy of being a mother to be. Getting pregnant is a combination of life of a husband and a wife. I must take care of being what I am, God chooses me, and I let Him to manage my life.


Ploussy - October 10

By the way pregnant woman must not wear high=heeled shoes or sandals. Flat shoes are required to be wore by them, so that varicose veins may not appear.


Rosary - October 10

Getting pregnant is the works of God, one can not make it even if the couple wants it. If the will of God is not in line to the will of man it can not be done.
So if we want to become pregnant,to have a baby, we have to pray and lift up our will to Him.


Hilene - October 10

I don't like to become pregnant because I am afraid of having a baby. As what I heard from the experienced mother I can not bear of what they have experienced, I have a trauma about a delivering child because my mother died for it.
Getting pregnant makes me goose bumps.


Stonie - October 10

Hilene, don't be afraid of being pregnant.What happened to your mother may not happen to you. Every thing is lies in the hands of the Lord.Submitt yourself to the Lord, let Him do what He wants us to do.


Dieterite - October 10

I am pregnant,but not a wife. It is big a hassle I've experienced in my life but I have to face it whether I like it or not. I got pregnant even if it was done only one time.Although it happened just like that, I must admit of myself I am satisfied of it, to prove to myself that I am a real woman.


Sally - October 17

In order to get pregnant a couple should make sure they have sex during their most fertile days. That's what my husband and I did and sure enough, I got pregnant as expected!


Flor - October 17

Not all women and couples have given a chance to get pregnant and have a baby. But if you did not practice to have such kind of birth control and you are both healthy, then getting pregnant would not be a problem.


Zane - October 17

Getting pregnant is a wonderful opportunity. If ever I missed my period, I'm happy coz it's a good sign that I'm pregnant. I have 3 kids already and since I'm still young, I'm still willing to get pregnant and have 2 more kids.


Fellie - October 24

Base on my experience I got pregnant because I really wanted to get pregnant. I made it a point that when we my husband and I had sex, it's should be done with a proper timing..I don't know if you guys get what I mean..but with proper timing during sex, it does not only feels good but surely, you could produce a baby out of it.



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